I had a nice time with K. Xx – he is very funny!

Hi Bus!

How are you? How was your weekend? I had a nice time with K. Xx - he is very funny! I will be friends for sure if he calls me to go out again. I am not sure if there is enough attraction for a relationship - so early it is hard to tell! I think it grows sometimes when you like the person. I have never dated anyone older ever so I don't know! He thought I looked xx!

lol I guess I have never ever dated older men before Bangkok Matching set me up with older men - this is really the first time for sure! So it is hard to say if I could be attracted to him or not! lol

I always date younger men xxxx because I look so much younger it is never a problem for me - but maybe they are not serious and ready to marry! lol So we shall see - friends for sure but there is no attraction for me at first meeting.....can it grow maybe? I don't know! :) :) Thanks for trying.

Xx :)

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