So why then am I taking your time? Because I believe the more good people and like minded individuals you can collect in your life, the more happy and successful you will become. If I didn’t see that same philosophy in you I’d not take your time.

นี่คือหนึ่งตัวอย่างของอีเมลล์ที่บีได้รับนะคะ บีได้อีเมลล์แนวนี้เยอะอยู่นะคะ ทั้งจากคนไทยและต่างชาติ : )

บางที บีตอบไม่ทันเลยค่ะ

แต่ก็ดีใจนะคะ ที่มีคนอ่านแล้วชื่นชมแล้วเขียนเมลล์มาหาบี ; )

สุขสันต์วันศุกร์ที่ฝนตกพรำๆทั้งวันนะค๊า : )

Khun Bee,

My name is Jerry xxxx. I recently came across your site/service completely by accident. I'm married to a wonderful Thai lady and have a beautiful two year old daughter here in Ayutthaya.
Mis-clicks can be fortuitous though I think. Reading your bios and those of some of your coaching staff made me realize that we have very much in common. I felt compelled
to introduce myself, offer my respect, and perhaps explore the possibility of some sort of mutually beneficial relationship. Its not that often that I find someone share such a similar vision, though I must reluctantly admit a bit of envy that you've come far closer to realizing it than I have up to this point.

At this point I should try to clarify what I am after. I'm more sure of what I'm NOT after to be honest.

- I am not looking for a job, although I imagine I'd be open to it in certain circumstances. My wife has worked hard for many years to reach her level of management in the factories and pulls in a quite decent pay packet. Myself I'm happy to stay at home and take care of my daughter while keeping money coming in through investments in the currency exchange market and real estate investments.

- I'm not looking to buy a franchise. Again I am open minded about this but as a fellow MBA you are probably aware the best position to be in , in a franchisor/franchisee relationship is the franchisor by a long way. And a million and a half baht for very little hard asset value would have to be scrutinized as well.

- I'm not "seeking information" to deliver to a competitor or to assist me in becoming a competitor. Who know what the future holds, but even though I have a pretty decent business plan (a bit dated as it is) there's a few barriers to entry I'd have to address first if I even chose to do so.

So why then am I taking your time? Because I believe the more good people and like minded individuals you can collect in your life, the more happy and successful you will become. If I didn't see that same philosophy in you I'd not take your time.

I want to explore sharing your vision, being involved somehow with you and your team. My vision is simple. I believe a "end to end" solution is what will benefit the people of this world who are single and want to change that.

I dont expect you to have the time or motivation to read the documents, as they may be a tad on the verbose side. However I hope that by providing them for you to skim or peruse, your interest will be piqued.

Kind Regards,


P.S. I plan on making a trip or two to Bangkok next week. I'd welcome the opportunity to chat in person. Feel free to contact me either here by email or my mobile xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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