Thai Dating Buon giorno from Tuscany ka

July 19, 2010 12:00 AM

Buon Giorno (hello) from Toscana ka : )...

again, say hi with positive feedback from our guy client after his date na ka : ).

I haven't heard from a lady yet..but with finger crossed, lady will like him too... : )


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I have had lots of fun for the last 2 weeks on Europe trip and can't believe that time fly so fast..only 5 days, i am back to thailand.....

but it's good i am happy that i am back to work ka : )... miss work..miss office so much already... and now i am really tanned... look from my picture on the tower na ka... i am that kind of tanned... been walking a lot...walked to the fontana di trevi (trevi fountain : ))... coloseo (colloseum : ))... walked, walked, walked and walked... and now i am on a road, self drive, to Tuscany..and florence..

I love Tuscany...... will upload pics later na ka... very lovely, nice town.. very nice wine too... would love to import some wines back to Bangkok : ).... taste very good and want everyone to have it too...

plan to get some back to the office, keep it in the fridge and open it one late afternoon... would be perfect : ).

kit tueng tuk kon na ka : )


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