Thai Dating I hope the miracle will happen between u two

January 13, 2010 12:00 AM

Hi P'Bee

Do you think it's a good idea mai ka? Cause I feel like I'm so much younger than him and don't know if it would turn into anything or not. I dont know if I would make him miss opportunity to meet someone else or not? I'm trusting your matchmaker instinct on this na ka. Let me know how your gut feels.

But if you feel that I should meet him I will. But has to be next week ka because my big sister is getting married this weekend and lots of stuff to do ka


N xxx ka

He is super nice guy ka, that's why I want u to meet him eve he is much older than u but he has a very good heart. N I hope the miracle will happen between u two.

He is so wealthy ka. Don't worry about his dates. He even paid me extra money from time to time even I said no,

As I said ka he is a nice n very generous guy.

Even nothing happen. It?s still good to know him ka. That?s what I think.


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