Thai Dating I'm still waiting for that feeling when you meet and you just spark

December 17, 2009 12:00 AM

Hi Khun Bee

How are you ka?

Just wanna see if you have anyone in mind for me mai ka? I want to start the new year with some butterflies ka...

So far from the past dates I went to, I havent felt any butterflies loey.....although the dates were enjoyable and fun but I still don't feel the chemistry or the attraction loey ka.

At first I thought it's because maybe I was too nervous but even after we went on several dates together I still don't feel the attraction. Khun xxxx is great na ka but he's not for me. We talked about it already that the feeling was not there. Oh well, when it's not right, it's not right chai mai ka?

I'm still waiting for that feeling when you meet and you just spark, I know it's very difficult on your part na ka and really appreciate your help na ka.

I used to think I'm not really picky about my type but now i think I am very picky. So appreciate if you can send some profiles for me to see na ka. I know many people are on holidays and wont be back til end of the year, It's ok na ka, I just wanna have a great future outlook for 2010 ka.

xxxxx ka

Sorry to hear about no chemistry ka N xxx? I totally understand ka. It?s happened to me before too : ).

I will send you new match soon na ka. : )

Merry X'Mas and a Very Happy New Year 2010 ka : )

Take care and Have a wonderful day.

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