Thai Dating Letting me find out and be a matchmaker for you for this category to get new clients

October 21, 2009 12:00 AM

Hi Bee,

I am really organizing a golf event at xxxxxx which I hope you will join together with your sweetheart : )

I cannot tell the number of participants today, but there will certainly be about 80 (but I hope for more). Half of these are Thai and the rest mostly from Europe.

I don?t know how many of them who have families, but I am sure quite a few could be interested in your services. I would advise you to, though, letting me find out and be a matchmaker for you for this category to get new clients. : ) We will work hard on this group and I am sure that over time there will be quite a few people who could be interested in your services.

You take care also.


Everyone ka,

Next weekend I will join this big group of golfers to play golf and promote BangkokMatching with these Business Men. Of course, I will look for some great guys and gals for you ka : ).


back next

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