Thailand Dating – 10 Ways to Sweeten Your Love – Insights on Love from a Professional Matchmaker


Thailand Dating - Sweeten Your Love: 10 Ways to Show Love That Speak Louder Than Words Insights on Love from a Professional Matchmaker

Thailand Dating – Sweeten Your Love: 10 Ways to Show Love That Speak Louder Than Words


Insights on Thai Love from a Professional Matchmaker


Have you ever heard the phrase “Action speaks louder than words”? Many of you likely have, as it aligns closely with the Thai proverb “การกระทำสำคัญกว่าคำพูด” which translates to “actions are more important than words.” Anyone can say “I love you”—even scammers on dating apps and websites can utter these words with ease, often hiding malicious intentions. Therefore, it is the actions of your date or partner that truly reveal their genuine love and care for you, matching their words.


To highlight this, I am sharing statistics and opinions from Thai society on expressing love. Do Thais believe more in words or actions?

“Anyone Can Say ‘I Love You’”


Survey Results: Do Thais Value Actions or Words More in Love?


According to a poll by Bangkok Poll on “Thai Love in 2023,” which surveyed 1,150 Thais aged 18-61, expressing love through words is not the top choice for celebrating special occasions like Valentine’s Day. The number one preferred expression of love is “doing activities together,” such as dining, traveling, spending quality time, or engaging in religious activities like making merit, accounting for 57.8% of respondents.


Other expressions of love ranked as follows:

  • Expressing love verbally: 19.4%
  • Buying desired gifts for the partner: 10.9%
  • Giving roses: 7.8%
  • Offering a token of love: 5.6%
  • Giving money: 3.9%
  • Proposing marriage: 1.1%


These statistics suggest that Thais place a higher value on actions over words when it comes to expressing love.


Insights on Contemporary Forms of Love in Thailand


In the same survey under the topic “Current Forms of Love,” the leading response indicated that Thais perceive “love as understanding.” The detailed ranking of how Thais view love is as follows:


  • Love is understanding: 53.8%
  • Love is caring: 47.6%
  • Love is giving: 38.9%
  • Love is forgiveness: 38.5%
  • Love is helping and sharing: 38.5%
  • Love is sincerity: 37.5%
  • Love is trust: 35.3%
  • Love is faithfulness: 31.9%
  • Love is patience: 29.1%
  • Love is compromise: 17.4%
  • Love is generosity: 9%
  • Other: 1%


Analyzing these responses, it becomes evident that the Thai perspective on love is predominantly associated with emotions and feelings, emphasizing empathy and mutual understanding over mere verbal expressions of “love.” Demonstrating understanding, care, giving, and mutual recognition are seen as the true indicators of receiving genuine love from another person.


Thailand Dating - Sweeten Your Love: 10 Ways to Show Love That Speak Louder Than Words Insights on Love from a Professional Matchmaker
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Rising Divorce Rates in Thailand in 2023: Infidelity as a Key Cause


The rising divorce rates in Thailand are alarming, with an increasing trend each year. One of the primary causes of this rise is infidelity and a lack of loyalty between partners. Comparing statistics over the past five years, it was found that in 2022, the total number of divorces reached 146,159. This number further increased to 147,337 in 2023, setting a new record.


This data underscores that mere verbal declarations of love are insufficient to sustain or advance a relationship. Pamela Meyer, author of “Lie Spotting,” which discusses the art of detecting deception, mentions that people encounter lies ranging from 10 to 200 times a day. This suggests that even loved ones might lie about love for various reasons.


Additionally, a significant lie detection survey conducted by the Max Planck Institute in Germany and the Israel Institute of Technology aimed to determine which gender lies more frequently. The study involved psychological experiments with over 44,000 participants and reviewed more than 565 research papers. The findings revealed that:


  • Young adults aged 20-29 have a lying rate of 47%, higher than the 35% observed in older adults.
  • Men lie more frequently than women, with a rate of 42%.
  • People are more likely to lie when using a foreign language due to the emotional distance it creates.


Given these insights, do you still want to hear just the words “I love you” from your partner while ignoring their actions that may contradict their words? Conversely, if you frequently tell your partner that you love them, ensure that your actions align with your words to maintain a healthy relationship.


10 Ways to Sweeten Your Relationship Beyond Just Saying “I Love You”


1  Listen to Your Partner: Provide Stability and Emotional Support

Believe it or not, simply listening to your partner—a seemingly ordinary act—can be more essential than saying “I love you.” Genuine listening, with empathy and attentiveness, allows your partner to feel your sincerity. When someone shares their problems or seeks emotional support, being a reliable confidant can be far more valuable than repeating “I love you” without showing interest in their issues.


2  Spend Quality Time Together

Quality time together strengthens bonds. Carving out time from a busy schedule for special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, rather than just phone calls, fosters deeper connections. Meeting in person and sharing experiences can significantly enhance the relationship.


3  Send Sweet Messages

Even long-term couples can benefit from occasional sweet messages. Sending love notes or kind messages via Line or WhatsApp without waiting for a special occasion can bring smiles and warmth, showing ongoing affection and care.


4  Love Notes are Always a Good Idea

For couples with mismatched schedules, leaving love notes in visible places, like on the fridge or in a lunchbox, can be a sweet gesture. It’s a small act that shows love and thoughtfulness without needing words.


5  Show Care by Buying Their Favorite Treats

Remembering and buying your partner’s favorite snacks or meals can be a heartfelt way to show you care. This gesture, though inexpensive, holds more emotional value than saying “I love you” without action.


6  Breakfast in Bed: A Morning Surprise

Surprising your partner with breakfast in bed on a lazy morning can create a memorable and loving moment. This simple act of love and attention can leave a lasting impression and bring joy.


7  Help with Small Tasks

Offering to help with small, often-overlooked tasks when your partner is exhausted can demonstrate care and support. Simple acts, like fixing something your partner has been struggling with, can show your willingness to share their burdens.


8  Reduce Complaining and Swearing

Reducing complaints and avoiding hurtful language can positively impact your relationship. Changing your speech to be more uplifting can help strengthen your bond and create a more loving environment.


9  Appreciate the Little Things

Expressing gratitude and appreciation for small acts of kindness from your partner can build a stronger, more positive relationship. Regular acknowledgment of these actions reinforces a cycle of mutual appreciation and affection.


10  Make Ordinary Days Special

You don’t have to wait for special occasions to do something nice. Turning an ordinary day into a special one by going out for a meal, visiting a serene market, or watching a movie together can create lasting memories and enhance your relationship.



Maintaining and sweetening your relationship involves more than just saying “I love you.” Modern Thai perspectives emphasize that actions supporting these words are crucial. The 10 dating tips provided by Bangkok Matching, a high-end matchmaking service, offer practical ways to nurture and sustain your relationship. If you seek a compatible partner, Bangkok Matching can help you find someone who meets your preferences and ensures a meaningful and lasting relationship.