Categories of Thai girls for thai dating in Thailand group

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Categories of Thai girls for thai dating in Thailand group

To make you understand type of girls in Thailand for thai dating, dating thai easier,  categorize Thai Girls in Thailand into 4 big groups, so you will be aware of when you meet them and are in thai dating , thailovelink society.


  1. Thai Bar girls – we won’t delve into this group too deeply for thai dating leading to thailovelink as a professional matchmaker at com, we would like to aim to write this book for professionals, people who are well-educated, successful, from a good family, with a good job, single and seeking a quality match for short or long-term thai dating or even marriage in thai dating and thailovelink world. ‘s main target are busy professional and successful business people. 


Of course, a bar girl can love her family, her boyfriend or her husband with as much passion and dedication as any girl, but the trade she practices won’t suit most western men in sophisticated thai dating and thailovelink world. 


  1. Thai Country Girls – another group, which is not the focal point of our attention in Thai dating leading to thailovelink purpose here.


Country girls, while often educated to a certain extent are far more traditional than anything a western man is prepared to deal with in thai dating with her.

Moreover, the chances of meeting a Thai country girl in Bangkok and striking up a long lasting Thai dating leading to thailovelink relationship, are not high, despite the fact it seems to rank highly on the fantasy Thai dating leading to thailovelink list of some Western men. However, you will encounter several characteristics of dating Thai country girls with respect to our next group.


  1. Educated Thai Girls who have not had too much exposure to western culture. Of course, they never date foreign men.


This group of girls may or may not speak good English, but they are definitely part of the group who are professionals working in an office. 


This type of girl is mostly the type that goes to the office and comes home to her family, i.e. her Mum, Dad and siblings.  If their parents or family do not live in Bangkok, they will normally live with a cousin or another girl.  A few might be living alone.


On the weekend, they prefer to stay home, watch TV, hang out with friends and family, or go on little adventures such as shopping at Chatuchak market, visiting the temple, or hanging going to a trendy coffee garden with a few girlfriends or friends from Uni.


  1. Educated Thai girls who are familiar with western culture and/or western men


They may have graduated from an overseas university, may hold a Masters Degree, are likely fluent in English and/or have been working at international companies, dealing with lots of western men on a day-today work-life basis.


Also, many of these girls will be in the family business, so they are not necessarily wanting on the financial front. Moreover, don’t make the mistake of underestimating their intelligence.


This type of girl tends to have a more active lifestyle, they like to go out, party and meet more people.  They may have some western friends.  They like to travel overseas, like to eat out at fine restaurants, have wine or champagne. 


In this matchmaker’s thai dating code guidebook of, we will focus on the girls in category 3 and 4 only for dating with thai lady leading to thailovelink.


Of course, this categorization is not a hard and fast rule for all Thai girls for thai dating – there are girls that have characteristics and backgrounds that don’t fall so neatly into one particular group, e.g. girls that haven’t studied abroad, but have become quite familiar with westerners; girls that have been married to Thai men and divorced; girls that have had significant exposure outside of Thailand, but are still so deeply insulated in their family that they might not seem as cosmopolitan as you’d expect.  As with any relationship, you have to carefully figure these things out for yourselves – guys and girls when get to know them and dating them – it’s part of the fun and adventure of life and thai dating leading to thailovelink. world!


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