What Type of Ladies are Most Guys Attracted to? บริษัทจัดหาคู่ที่ดีที่สุด

26 กรกฏาคม 2009 00:00 น.

Before I got into this matchmaking service, I used to be very curious myself about this fact. ?What really is type of ladies most guys attracted to? It would be good to know and it wouldn?t be harm to maybe adjust yourself around that a little bit to win guys? heart? : ) Come on, I know you girls would think the same.

For 3 years 2 months since we are in the matchmaking business so far, I have been interviewing over a thousand of guys; Thai, Asian, Westerners, there?re some stereotype answers I always got.

Well, here are some key facts that I want to share. Use it as your own risk okay girls? : )

v Short hair or long hair?
Most guys don?t really care as long as it suits you and your personality (and of course, it has to be clean). Somehow, if they really have to choose, majority of them still go for long hair!!

v Fairer or darker skin?
It?s a bit surprise for me that Most guys I have been talking to, both Thai and Non-Thai including westerners, they told me that they prefer fairer skin.

v Natural look or loads of make up?
Most guys do still prefer natural MAKE UP. Yes, it means that you still have to put a little on and just enough for not to injure anyone?s eyes when they look at you. At the bottom line is you should be pleasant to look at. It?s a certainly No No and No for heavy make up unless you just finished the fashion runway, then it can be an excuse.

Feminine dress and look, perfume, little cute accessories (rings, bracelet) always do the tricks as well. But again, remember not too much.

v But the Most Important Thing That Guys are Always Looking For in Their Ideal Lady

It?s Confidence and Personality. Guys will appreciate all above mentioned items you are but this is the most important factors guys are attracted to.

Let?s me clarify you some more about the word ?Personality?. When I use ?Personality?, it means that someone who?s happy, easy going, smiley, relaxed, fun, has some good sense of humor, optimistic, someone who has their own life, not being too dependent, and take good care of themselves kind of characters.

I hope the above facts that I have got personally would give you some idea. You don?t have to change yourself to please someone of course. But it wouldn?t be harm to know the ?Achilles? heel?, would it? : ).



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