Why should I be a Member of BangkokMatching?? Good Question หาคู่คนไทย, หาคู่ต่างชาติ

17 กันยายน 2009 00:00 น.

Hi Everyone,

I went to bed last night and woke up this morning with this question in my head. I am being asked with this question many times that ?Why should I be a member of BangkokMatching? What's in it for me??

Well, personally, if you know me well, you will know that I may be the worst sales person on earth : ). I don?t like to push, I don?t like to brag, and I don?t like to tell you the very insight information of my competitors since I strongly believe in work ethic and good karma : ). I also told my team to do the same.

One sentence that I always repeat to my team, ?Please DO NOT push our potential clients like one of that XXXX Fitness Center?s sales person?, I hate it?

So being me with those non-sales personalities and our work ethic policy, if I am being asked again ?Why should I choose to be a member of BangkokMatching?? These would be my very genuine answers:

1. We are the longest established company matching busy professionals in Thailand since May 2006 (and we are now happily and excitedly entering year 4). Thus we have been building reputation and creating a strong and large clients? database in Thailand; We have successfully matched hundredS couples so far.

2. We set up this business with DEEP PASSION, so this is not only business, it?s also very personal to us - it?s our passion to do what we love with the aim to help out people to find their love;

3. We advertise 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year covering all type of Quality media in Thailand to attract successful singles to come in to replace whom we successfully matched. This of course means more choices and chances for you to meet your perfect match;

4. With those qualities medias we advertise, most of our members are successful, well-educated, quality type from business owners, executives, managers, doctors, lawyers, and professionals covering all business areas who are looking for long term relationship;.

5. We believe in building and having a personal respectful and genuine relationship with all of our members. We take time to get to know you personally before, during and even after the matching process.

90% of our members become our friends and several of them even now become my dear close friends : ).

I hope I have made myself and BangkokMatching clear where we stand now. So "It's very nice to meet you or talk to you, and hope we will have chance to work together in a very near future na ka : )".

Love from:
Bee and MatchMaker Team at BangkokMatching.

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