You are really my relationship advisor บริษัทจัดหาคู่ที่ดีที่สุด

29 สิงหาคม 2009 00:00 น.

Sent: Saturday, 29 August 2009 07:35:46
Subject: Update

Hello Bee,

It seems pretty distance when you don't contact me directly but let your assistant helps you on this. I know it is quite necessary for you and your business.

Oh! Well, it is going to be tomorrow that I will meet my new match. Strangely, I am not that excited at all. I guess I am getting used to dating?

Anyway, I got a message from K xxxxx saying that he is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and looking forward to see me ka.

So just wanna let you know na ka. I really don't know how serious he is or if he really means it. But as you suggested to me earlier, he might not be that much into me since he keeps disappearing ka. Let me know on your thought na ka.
By the way, have you heard anything from him at all ka?

You are really my relationship advisor ka.


Sent: Saturday, 29 August 2009 09:46:08
Subject: Update

Morning ka P?A,

Just woke up and checked mail thru IPhone.. saw your mail and thought I should get into a laptop (easier to write longer : ) )

Well, I still will match and send mail or call to describe the match na ka. Only I really need assistance on date arrangement ka. So sorry na ka P?A, I really can?t manage everything. Very very busy ka : ). But will do my best for you na ka. You can write me anytime or text or phone to talk ka.

K. xxxxx is a nice guy ka, easygoing person. I think he has same personality as you ka, you should be doing fine : ).

K. xxxxxx hasn?t contacted me at all ka (no date requested either). I think you have to evaluate from all his action ka since I don?t have all info. But if someone really wants to be with you, he will show it ka. He will not let you guess where you are in a relationship. Like a lucky girl that I matched her with, that guy tells her in advance every time when he will be away from Thailand that he will not be able to contact her for how long and he will call her when he is in xxxx country on what date. He tells her about himself, taking her into his life by telling her about his family, his background, his friends, his business status and etc. That means he?s really into you ka.

Or in my previous relationships and current one, I know if they are into me when they call me from overseas (not only emailing and text) because they want to hear my voice because emailing and texting are just not enough for them : ). PS. several guys I dated/date are very busy businessmen/entrepreneur whom they are on overseas trips a lot. And they call me everyday or every other day just to let me know how they are and what they are up to (which mean keeping me into their life). And I used to test them ka (if they read this, they would kill me), when I told them that I am doubt about this relationship if this is gonna work, they always said ?it?s gonna work, they will make it work no matter what?. : )

Not that I am always lucky, I also used to date someone who?s just not that into me as well. And all I told you above will not be seen/shown.. : ) I have been dating a lot myself because I find it so much fun : ) And I learnt a lot from those dating experiences and then I read lots of books about relationship : ).

P?A ka, I think you should read ?He?s just not that into you? book na ka. It?s everywhere at Asia books, Kino and etc. It?s a New York Times bestseller. I told lots of my ladies to read it, and they love it and send it next to their friends. It will give you more idea of whether he?s into you or not ka.

Anyway, enjoy your date today na ka. Don?t forget to dress femininely, smile a lot, and laugh at his joke (but I don?t think K. xxxx will tell you jokes : ), but you can tell him one : . Ask about golf or his hobby na ka, I know he loves golf : ).

Have fun ka. I will be visiting my fiend?s mom out of town today, she?s ill. : ) My friends complain me already that I work too much. So It?s not only BF that I have to take care of, but I also have friends that I need to spend sometime with them : ). Guess I am lucky ka.

Take care and Have a wonderful day : ).

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