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Work like you
don’t need money,
love like you’ve
never been hurt,
and dance like
no one’s watching.

Mark Twain

Bangkok Matching has been Collaborating with Leading Premium Matchmaking Services / Dating Services Agencies in Asia and Western Countries Connecting Quality Thai and Expat Singles in more than 15 Countries Worldwide.

Bangkok Matching screens and document check of all members

Bangkok Matching provides Premium Matchmaking Service to Successful, Well-Educated, Financially Secured Thai Singles and Expat Singles who are seriously looking for a true relationship. Bangkok Matching is the only dating agency who :

BangkokMatching takes an ethic not to make any negative comments about other matchmaking service companies. Our matchmakers also have been trained to do the same. It is regarded as business ethics.

Come to the Number of Members, you can prove by calculating the numbers of matchmakers VS the number of clients.  Ideally, a matchmaker can only handle 100 – 150 members maximum at the same time. So you can do your own calculation then that if a dating service company claims that they have xxxxxxxx members, How Many matchmakers do they need to hire to handle those HUGE clients group?  And thus How Many Floors (and How Big Space) do the company need to occupy for such big group of matchmakers / staffs? And now you get an idea.

Therefore, we can only suggest you to do research yourself. What we can only do is to guide you how to find the good one. People can just say anything or commit you anything, it is so easy to do so, they just say it, or take only 1 minute to change things on the website; Things like Success Rate OR Number of Members and etc. You have to carefully think if what you see can be real?

If you ask, how to prove then?

Well, it is quite difficult (That’s why some dating service companies just do so, as it’s hard to prove). What you can do is just to focus to prove things that can be proved such as Number of Medias that companies claimed that they give interview to.

In digital age like today, you can collect media file from Youtube and etc. easily, so whatever that can be credit to the companies, they would likely do their best to obtain just almost everything they do and show it on their website.

In case that you are reluctant that which one to go to, in this case if you can afford it, sometime you don’t have to choose, you can have both or all The more helping hands you have, the sooner, the closer you would reach your aimed target. This option is good for members who would like to shorten time in finding the love of your life.

Bangkok Matching has been Collaborating with Leading Premium Matchmaking Services / Dating Services Agencies in Asia and Western Countries Connecting Quality Thai and Expat Singles in more than 15 Countries Worldwide.

Bangkok Matching, No 1 Premium Matchmaking Service / Dating Service Agency in Thailand has been founded since 2006, and been invited to give interviews to over 300 Medias.  In addition, our founder, Khun Bee, has written 8 dating guidebooks both in Thai and in English. Moreover, our founder has been invited to be the guest lecturer at Thammasat University, a leading University in Thailand, on the “dating” subject for over 6 years until now.  In Conclusion, Bangkok Matching is a reputable premium matchmaking service company in Thailand.  

With our well known and longtime reputation, members can be assured that Bangkok Matching has been well supported by singles in Thailand and Thai Society. As such, we have built a great numbers of members, reputation and trust. Thus Bangkok Matching, No 1 Premium Matchmaking Service / Dating Service Agency in Thailand vows to work even harder to maintain our reputation on the brand.

So far Bangkok Matching has created successful dating 6,000 couples and over 700 married couples who have given birth to many little angles to our Thai society.

Our professional matchmaker team has been trained to take a very good care of our members like they are our family; we are here to guide and to support all members to succeed in finding the right one. Our professional matchmaker team also has been trained to work their best, however under Bangkok Matching’s work rules clearly identified and agreed on the dating service application form.

Bangkok Matching is a well-established, reliable, and trustworthy Thailand’s premium dating service agency.

Because at Bangkok Matching, the professional matchmaker team will do background check on employment, financial status, education, and marital status of all members for you. Thus you can be sure that people that you will meet through Bangkok Matching, they will be who they claim to be. Our clients mostly are successful to a very successful ones, the ones that have a good career from a good family and good background, people that will not like you for your money because they already have their own. Our members are just looking to meet the like-minded people who are looking for serious relationship.

Moreover, we request to take photos and introduction video of all dating service members at our office and we will not use any application to make any members look better. Everyone will look like their real person. This is another area that you won’t find on online dating or even on social media like Facebook as many people seem to enjoy using applcation to make their photos look better and look younger. It’s not rare to find some people even change their skin colour on the photos.

Thus at Bangkok Matching, our success rate is very high with all working standard we have set because we know what singles have been through and what problems singles have when you use online dating or when you try to meet someone yourself. Bangkok Matching knows and here to help.

Bangkok Matching is a well-established, reliable, and trustworthy Thailand’s premium dating service agency.

Bangkok Matching has both Thai, Expat and Non-Thai clients. For Expat, Non – Thai clients, Bangkok Matching has Asian, European and Caucasian. Our Non-Thai clients are mostly male.

Our clients are successful, well educated singles in all areas i.e professional, CEO, CFO, vice president, government officers, teachers, lecturers, doctors, nurse, heirs of business owner, business owners and etc.

It’s because Bangkok Matching has practice to get to know all premium matchmaking service members’ background and profile before we invite you into our matchmaker office. We would like to make sure that we can work for you and for you to know your matchmaking package fee. And if we couldn’t work for you, we will inform you right away to save both of us time. 

Our Matchmaker Team will ask you to provide the following documents for us to check; ID, Passport, Educational Certificate from Bachelor’s Degree Onward, Pay Roll Slip or Bank Book which your income is deposited every month, Divorce Certificate, Documents to prove if you are a business owner, Financial Proof of Income and Credit check statement / financial record check.

Please feel free to ask our matchmaker team in case some of your documents are missing. For some items, we can use something else to do the background check instead.

Since Bangkok Matching’s Matchmaking service is for members who are looking for serious relationship leading to marriage, thus Bangkok Matching need to have basic rule of members acceptance in order to maintain high success rate.  Our Main criteria of member acceptance are as follows:

Please be informed that if Bangkok Matching is misled or deceived to use our matchmaking service, we will terminate your membership without payment refund and we still have all the right to proceed legally in case that the damage of misled information affected to Bangkok Matching.

Before inviting you to visit our office, our executive matchmaker team will do initial interview with you on the phone first in order to assess if we can work for you (you can also have initial interview with us in our office). If we can, the professional matchmaker team will inform you your service fee for consideration. And if you would like to go for it, then you will be invited to our office for the application process. 

Please note that working with over thousand of each individual looking for the right one at the same time can be quite subjective and emotional, so Bangkok Matching has set the work process / work practice which clearly mentioned in the application form and Terms and Conditions.

In Brief, Bangkok Matching accesses if we can work for you and also the proposed service fee based on what we have initially interview you, thus the matchmaker team will match you based on what you fill out on the “Ideal Match” page on the application form only. 

As mentioned, your service fee and type of membership offer can be changed if you change the details of your ideal match required. Therefore, it is important that you should inform what really you are looking for in your ideal match clearly to our matchmaker team. However, please be reminded that if you are looking for higher qualification/specification, you service fee will be higher as well.

Bangkok Matching provides premium matchmaking service to both Heterosexuals and LGBT. 

However, Bangkok Matching might not be able to work for you at the certain time based on active members at that moment and etc. Our professional matchmakers will briefly interview you on the phone.  And if we think we can work for you, we will inform you so with the type of membership that would suit you with the dating service fee for your consideration.

Bangkok Matching offers 3 kinds of membership:

For more information of Bangkok Matching’s membership, please contact our matchmaker team by phone at 086-399-0935-6.

Our matchmaking service package fee is based on the profile of dating service applicants (educational background, career, appearance, age, financial status and etc.) VS qualification and specification of ideal match that applicants are looking for (educational background, career, appearance, age, financial status and etc.). If an applicant prefers to meet a guy / lady with high qualification/specification, matchmaking package fee will be also higher.

In order to know if our professional matchmaker team can work for those who are interested, our professional matchmaker team need to interview those about their profile and specification of ideal match that matchmaking service applicants are looking for either on the phone or in person for about 10 minutes (this can’t be done via line or live chat). After initial interview, our matchmaker team can assess if we can work for those.  If we can, we will inform types of membership suitable for those and service fee for consideration.

Our Matchmaking Service Package Fee “starts” from 8,000 Baht for Single Database Membership and 25,000 Baht for Package Membership.

Our Matchmaking Service Package Fee can be paid through these methods.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)
2. Ethereum (ETH)
3. Binance Coin (BNB)
4. Cardano (ADA)
5. Tether (USDT)
6. XRP (XRP)
7. Dogecoin (DOGE)
8. USD Coin (USDC)
9. Polkadot (DOT)
10. Solana (SOL)
11. Uniswap (Uni)
12. Luna
13. BitTorrent

After applying to Bangkok Matching’s Premium Matchmaking Service/Dating Service, you must supply us documents required (for Background Check) along with personal current photos and approve your profile which our professional matchmaker send via email as soon as possible but not later than 2 months.

For Matchmaking Service Package Membership, after we have received all of your documents, our QA team will do the background check which will take about 5-7 days.  Once your profile is approved by our QA team, your professional matchmaker will provide profile of your match for consideration via email within 7 days.

Bangkok Matching cannot 100% guarantee that every member will succeed (And realistically nobody can). Since Success depends on each individual himself; when coming to looking for a relationship, it is related to maintaining appearance, dating technique, how you carry yourself and so on.

However, with our extensive background check, it is proven that our members are seriously looking for serious relationship.  Thus, we have very high success rate at 80% in general.  For male clients, success rate can reach 90%+.

Our members are serious about building a relationship and they know what they are looking for in life. By collected record, Most members decide to date exclusively after 2 months and get married after 8 months from their first date. 

Thus Bangkok Matching offers “Success Guarantee Package” for member who wants success rate to be even higher. Please ask our professional matchmaker for more details about the Success Guarantee Package.

Bangkok Matching will never expose members’ information to public. Members’ Information is kept strictly confidential. All information of all types of membership is only used for the purpose of matchmaking serviceBangkok Matching, Premium Dating Service Agency, sign confidential agreement with all members. In addition, all of our professional matchmakers also sign confidential agreement with us to keep members’ information strictly confidential.

Furthermore, all matchamking service members are also required to sign an agreement to keep all information sent to you strictly confidential.  All information cannot be shared, forwarded, or shown to others even to your family members. The penalty for members for breaching this clause shall be unlimited.

Therefore, Bangkok Matching asks members not to contact our professional matchmakers or any of our staff through their personal contact. Meeting our staff outside office is also prohibited because Bangkok Matching cannot monitor our staff via their personal contact. In addition, it is to avoid leak of your information, fraud, bribe, and sexual affair between our staff and our members. It is regarded as basic business ethics.

In order to put yourself in the best place when using our matchmaking service, we would suggest you to do your best when taking photos and VDO introduction at our office. On the application day in our office, please do dress smart; pick the clothes that fit you well (Loose clothes or baggy clothes rarely give anyone the best image).  Please also be sure to look contented and happy in the photo and VDO. Smiling in all photos and VDO is a key.

Besides, photos taken in our office, your professional matchmaker will also ask for your recent personal photos. We would suggest you to please pick photos that show your lifestyle / activities that you enjoy for an example photos taken while exercising, cooking, learning music and traveling. However, please select the ones that show your face clearly.

Besides that, taking a very good care of yourself, maintaining your best appearance, building your own wonderful career / life, having your own passion, and being truly contented and happy with yourself and your life are the way to help you succeed in finding the right one and maintaining the meaningful relationship.  It’s the Law of Attraction.

You can read 8 dating guidebooks written by Khun Bee, Bankok Matching’s founder. For more information of all of our dating guidebooks, you can check out here, https://www.bangkokmatching.com/en/dating-guidebook/

Moreover, you can visit BangkokMatching Matchmaker’s blog under the topic of “Dating Tips” at https://www.bangkokmatching.com/en/dating-advice/  We have posted a few new articles every week including “Dating Tips with Bee Bangkok Matching” Youtube Clips and the “Dating Polls” made on Twitter. 

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