Good morning ka Khun Xx,

Why do you give up so easily??? That very surprises me!!

We are all looking for relationship, you also choose whom you want to meet. The ladies do also.

But frankly, if you’re just looking after the young ladies with pretty face or only the pretty face only, then that’s difficult. Because those pretty ladies or young pretty lady, they look for someone pretty too.

Khun Xx, I have mentioned before that no one is after money here. They will not meet any xxx because you’re rich or just you’re xxx. There’s nothing to do with xxx!! I can tell you.

Khun Xx, I don’t want you to give up yet, but you should widen your specification to meet someone that not too young (says x – xxx – that looks good).

Finding love is easy, but what I see it’s a problem is the not practical requirement of ideal person.

Hope you don’t mind me sharing my thoughts ka. I just want to see you happy after all.