Khob khun krup for the timely reply and all the information.

Where do I begin?

I have been divorced xx years now and am in a place where I would love to meet a life partner that is highly attracted to me, has excellent morals and character. Who is also attractive and share a true zest for life.

I am looking for someone like yourself and business who can “guide” me because I have tried other ways to meet my life partner it is has not proved successful to the degree i need and had hoped.

What more do you need from me (now that i know your basic cost structure) to see if we would make a good client/customer relation in order to fulfill my goal.

I will be in Thailand arriving about the xx until xx.

I guess if accepted as your client I would respectfully request to be introduced to ladies that you believe would be an excellent match to each other? If I am understanding your program correctly?

I am READY for the rest of my life to begin.

Warm regards