Dear Bee,

I am sure that both of us knew at the beginning that my case for selecting a life partner was very different from any other and I was very pleased when you took it on. I have enjoyed speaking to you and also our correspondence and appreciate your interest and determination.

Unfortunately, the answer has still not yet come, but I believe that it will and I also believe that you and I need to be successful in this search.

There have been suggestions of xxxx ladies, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I was also recommended to another on line website – – and followed up, but did not feel comfortable with the members. I had a feeling that most were looking for material gain and not a committed relationship. I have since cancelled my membership.

I would only feel comfortable to meet someone who you have personally interviewed and considered.
I want to ask you for a favor, Bee. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Can I ask you to please have a new look at my situation and let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

Many thanks and best regards,