Hello N Bee,

Hope everything go well with you! It’s been so long na ka.

Just reading your blog, you need more matchmakers??
Wonder if I can be one! Just kidding ka!

Just drop by to say hi,

P’ Xx
ps. Hope you still can remember me ja!

Hello ka p xx 🙂

Of course I remember u na kaaa :).

Nice to hear from u again :).

So how is ur love life now ka p xx??

Wow! Impressed that you still can remember me. It’s been a couple of years ever since I used your service.

It was strange but good experience. I can still remember the very first day we met! I really do like your attitude and you tried to calm me down and how I was so depressed!

Thank you so much jing jing ka. Now your business is booming. And that’s really great!

We are still doing fine ja. I travel to the US a few times per year. Hopefully, we can sought things out in the near future.

You never know. How about you and your man ka?


Woww that is really great to hear for me kaa p’xx :).

M engaged since new year last year ka. 🙂 and getting married in dec. This year kaa ;).