Hi Bee,

Did you read this article on CNNGO that is causing a lot of controversy and discussion among the farang community?


I think this could be a good opportunity to use this article to show how your service will match their clients up with women who are nothing like what is written in the article.

This could be a very good marketing tool for your business.
Hi Xx,

Thanks for sending me this article.

I have to tell you that I got really upset when I read this!!! My gosh, he’s real typical Thai guy!!! I mean in a bad way!!!

This is the reason that I set up BangkokMatching, I want to be a choice of good Thai Ladies with dignity to have choice to meet good guys who are really looking for true relationship, not guys that looking for getting laid and think that they can have many mistress and can look down and treat their wives or girlfriends badly.

PS. Yeah..I know there must be some Thai lady who are just after money (gold digger) who will just go after this kind of guys

I will post his article on my blog!! Let’s see how many clients of mine would get upset!!!