Dear Khun Bee,

Well where to start? I am writing You this letter, as I was looking at Your web page and because I am interested in learning more about Your services.
My name is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have worked across the world from Europe to xxx but the last xxx years I have called Asia my home. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I love to move about in the world. And with the right partner I hope to create a proper base and then have her travel with me as she can.

However, I find it really important that she is a creative and self reliant person who treasures her ways also. A woman who can and will stand up to me and therefore make grow better. A person who craves education and loves to ask questions of life and be involved in it. A women who does not count money as the motivator but curiosity and creativity as the driver and then worries not about money as they will come to intelligent people… So to say.

Demure is not a value I treasure at all 😉 I find communication and openness as super important. I find curiosity and active interest in the world to be very paramount. Complacency and lack of spirit is not for me. Which pretty much means that a “housewife” is not my thing…

Work hard and live hard knowing that time off will be taken and enjoyed as and when needed. I love to travel, to enjoy nature and the cities – in a balance. I also hope to be part of a balanced partnership – not necessarily sharing all interests but at least share the core values of life and partnership.

From close friends and then their friends I have had the pleasure to meet amazing women in Thailand. Thus I am feeling that this is where I owe it to my self to look and search for the right partner. However, based on my past work with no time off, I did not pursue the chance of finding partners then.

I find grace and feminine beauty to be as important as personality. But I cant hide the fact that I find some of the Thai women amazing. I am not into what background she may have but I am into the actions she has taken from there to here. So to say. I am aware that back ground help to shape us, but I believe that we are always able to master the past as we are in life right now.

I hope, of course, that You and Your connections and professionalism will be of help to me. To meet and greet an amazing person and then see where that will lead?

I will arrange my schedule to come up and meet You and become a Client – if that is what You call it in Your agency.
All the very best, and I look forward to learning more about You and Your company,