K xx ka

I don’t mean to give u negative feedback. It?s just the fact ka.

Both guys and girls choose, when all our clients are picky, it?s quite difficult for us and our clients as well.

I think its best to consider what u r really looking for in a guy ka.

There are lots of clients we have that r still looking because their expectation in their match isn’t really practical. This group will take longer and will need to meet more people than usual to meet their match. I said this to both guys and girls ka. Not only to u na ka k xx.

Just to give u one example, there is a farang guy I have whom just looking for a pretty lady but he isn’t. So he went out on dates but never success. Or he wanted to meet pretty ladies but all of that denied to meet him.

I told him this fact many times. He didn’t believe me till he got rejection a lot and then he agreed to lower his expectation. He finally picked to meet one of my clients who is not that pretty. Now they are dating for 5 mths.

This is one story ka. But I still have so many farang guys?(actually not only farang – but?non-farang as well)?who refuse to lower their expectation.

Just want to explain ka

Good nite ka 🙂