Greetings Bee,

Thank you for your reply,

I am interested in your service in a “private’ manner. I am not a person who shares private details on-line or in the media. I have thousands of facebook “friends” – but I do not post items of a personal nature; I do not share “friends” info; and I do not have a lot of time to respond to the many friend requests.


I want a beautiful Thai woman; kind and sweet; honest; and wants love before “money”. I am old-fashioned – I will take care of her in every way. And I want to marry after a period of bf/gf – then engagement – then marriage.

As I am very involved in my businesses in xx and Thailand, she will need to accompany me to dinners and be able to dress up and host parties with me. But relax and travel with me during “down” times.

I plan to move to your beautiful Kingdom later this year as I open another business in xxxxx. I have xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and she will travel with me every few months.

While I could go on and on…… I am interested in a discreet service from you for a specific fee. Maybe we could meet and discuss on my upcoming trip (I travel there every xx days). I will arrive in Bangkok on June xx; depart on July xx. While I must also do business in xxx, xxx and xx – those are only day trips. Most of my time will be in your Kingdom.

I will await your reply. And I look forward to the possibility of meeting a “special partner” with your assistance.

Khob khun mak khrub,