Dear Khun Poppy,

Thank you for understanding my difficult situation and need to find the right person to learn more about rather quickly.

Having said that, at the same time, I am not fully comfortable to meet/concentrate on more than one person at a time. I try to accept it under the circumstances, but still only continue meeting someone, if I could honestly think this one could be the one and only for the future.

This is my attitude when I go to meet K. Xx. I would not have accepted to meet her, if I could not foresee her to have the potential. I hope hence that every introduction will be the last in that sense. Of course, without prejudice, there must be chemistry in the date.

I would not mind having used only 1 or 3 of the 9 introductions included in my membership. Ultimately I only need to find one for me. Then I shall stop.

Best regards,