Hello Khun Xx,

How are you??

Long time no hear from you.. so I just would like to see how are things with you and Khun Xx. I hope all works out great with you two…

FYI, your membership will end on 4 October 2013. So if you would like to use your membership, you should tell me 2 months before your membership expiry date.


Hi Bee,

how are you?

We are fine, thank you.

After our first dinner, Xx and I continued to see each other very regularly.

Currently, I’m back in England for one month but I will return again in May.

We will stay together 3 months again and we will try to get a visa for England so that she can visit from August till October.

Of course, our relationship is still very short. Like every couple (certainly with different cultures and an age difference), we have our problems. But we manage to cope with these for the moment and we have many great times together also.

I hope that we will grow towards each other more and more in the next months.

Many thanks to bring me in contact with this very beautiful and very nice lady.

What should I do with my membership? Is it possible to put it on hold for a certain period?

Have a very nice day.