I am so happy ka. These 2 persons went out on a first date and they dated for 12 hours!!!! Woohoooo!!!

This date breaks our dating record ka!!!!!! The longest one ever so far!!!!
Yipppeeeeeeeee 😀

Bee jaaaa

PS. ?behind the scene? Below was the message the guy sent me before they met : ).
?Yeh, I’m waiting at the bar, she hasn’t made it yet…I just sent her a message so she’s got my number as well…yes certainly I shall give a feedback getting nervous now…lol..?


Hey Bee,

Just wanted to share along with you the feedback, do tell xx she gets an A+, 🙂 the date went quite well. I think she was quite happy and I?m glad it worked out just fine.

Thanks, we shall remain in touch in the meantime and I shall also appreciate to have your feedbacks.


I am sorry to hear K Bus is sick, please give her my best wishes for speedy recovery.

Xx is fantastic!!! He is such a wonderful person, great fun to be around, we had a 12 hour date. I would definitely like to go on a second date with him. A+ from my side also.

Thank you so much, I really had fun and he is just great,