Dear Bee,

Thank you for your email.

I am please that we still have xx before facing more final decisions. As I said in my previous email: quote” My preference is to wait until the end of xx and, in the meantine, to take advantage of your matching skills, your great capacity to find the perfect candidates within your data base and on the Asian market”unquote.

Ms Xx might not be available anymore, in xx, or we might finally not be interested in each other (difficult to know presently); without ignoring the difficulties and confessing to be somehow pretentious,

I am sure you know where to find a few other high quality ladies, around (+or-) 170 cms high, a wonderful face and with the other right features, physically and in the personality and education. You and me, we both need to be sure that, thanks to you, I will not miss the match of my dreams.

Your suggestion regarding Ms Xx certainly shows that we are on the right track; she looks like having a very nice personality and great interests in life.

If you feel that there is a need for a phone conversation between you and me, I can call you, any time, at your convenience.

Good luck, dear Bee, and thank you for your efforts and support.