6 Criterias of How to select the best matchmaking service, dating service, dating agency


6 Criterias of How to select the best matchmaking service, dating service, dating agency

How to select the best Thai dating matchmaking servicedating servicedating agency company 

BangkokMatching has been asked a lot by many people of this question, How to select the best Thai dating matchmaking service company?

Been in Thai datingmatchmaking service for 11 years since 2006; we are the longest running Thai datingmatchmaking service company, so we have seen new dating companies set up and run their businesses, we have heard about the good and the bad things in this business.   We would know and have the best insight of this Thai datingmatchmaking service in Thailand that you wouldn’t.   However with our integrity policy, we can’t just inform you which is which, what is the best Thai dating service company or we can’t just simply say we are the best the Thai dating, matchmaking service company you are searching for, pick us bangkokmatching, use our matchmaking service.  It sounds so lame anyway to do so. 

So after hearing questions from lots of people “Are you the best matchmaking service company?”  “Who do you think that is the best Thai dating, matchmaking service company?”  “what do you think about other dating company?”  We think it’s best we give you some outlines to do some research, to prove and consider yourself.  

Here is the list of qualification of good matchmaking service should be and have that we think you should consider: 

  1. How long has the matchmaking service company been found and operating?  The longer the better of course, because the company will build up reputation and likely to have more and bigger database of matches for you.  In addition, this long running Thai dating service company will likely to work their best for clients because they have reputation and brand to care for;  
  2. How many medias (online and offline) has the matchmaking service company been on so far?  How many marketing channels do they have and use to broaden their customers’ database?   Of course, the more the better for you.   It will mean that the more that matchmaking service company exposes to the public, the more people will see that company, thus likely that Thai dating, matchmaking service company will have bigger database for your selection;
  3. Location of the Thai datingmatchmaking service company. If the company is in central and easy to commute to, it’s likely they will have more professional, business people kind of client to join in, thus have bigger database.   Think about yourself, would you be happy to travel to the outskirts of Bangkok to go to that Thai dating, matchmaking service company to apply.  You wouldn’t either right?  If you don’t accidentally live or work in the same outskirts area as that company.
  4. Having strict and expansive background check. So you can be sure that you will really meet the type of person that you really want to meet and eventually you would end up marrying to one day if thing works out between you and the lady.
  5. Do your own research also on that Thai dating, matchmaking service companys’ blog? You would likely see the company’s new activities, new  success stories and so on.  However, when you read, think too if that sounds real since anyone can just post fake article, just bear that in mind and keep reading;
  6. Google that Thai dating, matchmaking service company and see what people talk about them.  Also you can go to their blog and see if they have good customer reviews and how many.  Most importantly, you have to be sure that those reviews must look real as you know that anyone can make it and fake it.

Above is the easiest part for you who are new to this Thai datingmatchmaking service area to consider and to do research. 

Good luck in your search, both for your loved one and for best Thai dating matchmaking service company.

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