7 Techniques for Creating Love & Life Balance, the Middle Ground Between Couples by Bangkok Matching



7 Techniques for Creating Love & Life Balance,

the Middle Ground Between Couples

by Bangkok Matching, Thailand’s Longest Running High-End Matchmaking and Dating Agency


The phrase “Love so intense it leaves no room to breathe” is something many of us have probably heard before. Indeed, expressing love for one another is a common aspect of couples’ lives, where love and care need to be nurtured. However, how can we know if the love we offer is too overwhelming, causing discomfort, invading their personal space, or encroaching on ours? Are we crossing boundaries with our love?


Today, Bangkok Matching, Thailand’s longest running high-end matchmaking and dating agency, wishes to address a crucial topic in sustaining a harmonious love life, continuing the bond until marriage, and offering a valuable secret that can help your married life endure. That secret is the concept of “Love & Life Balance,” the middle ground between us. While most of us are familiar with the term “Work-Life Balance,” does the concept of Love & Life Balance exist? Today, Bangkok Matching would like to introduce you to it


For everyone who still remembers the time when they first met their dream person, the feelings of excitement and sweetness were undeniable. Especially in the early stages of a relationship, it is common to experience the surge of love hormones and happiness. Wanting to meet, wanting to talk, wanting to be close all the time without feeling the need for boundaries may seem essential at first. However, as time goes by, issues may arise when you desire to establish a middle ground. It is often accompanied by conflicts and misunderstandings because, in the beginning, it felt perfectly fine to be inseparable. So why the sudden need for boundaries now?


Establishing a middle ground that balances love life and reality can greatly strengthen a relationship.


Research published in GQ by the Pew Research Center shows that 71% of survey respondents expect their dating partners to understand the importance of setting various boundaries in their relationship. Additionally, 53% hope that their partners will understand when they need time to manage their busy work schedules. In summary, people in this era place significant importance on achieving a balance between work and love, and setting boundaries is a golden rule used in partner selection.


Setting boundaries in every aspect of life can be something you may not have considered deeply before. Whether it’s in the realm of social media, requesting that your partner not intrude or distract you when you’re working from home, delineating financial boundaries, or even in terms of physical touch, loving each other doesn’t mean they can take ownership of your body and thoughts. Controlling behavior can lead to future conflicts.


Bangkok Matching hereby wishes to elaborate on why setting boundaries in a relationship is important:


  1. Emotional Stability: Establishing a balance between love and personal life helps you prioritize various aspects of your life better. When your personal life is in order, it undoubtedly has an impact on overall emotional stability, reducing stress and leading to a more content state of mind.


  1. Strengthening Relationships: While some may worry that setting boundaries might negatively affect their love life, in reality, achieving balance in your life can actually enhance your relationship. Your partner becomes an integral part of the equilibrium, fostering deeper and more meaningful connections. This helps create a sense of fulfillment and appreciation for your loved one beyond what you initially expected.”


  1. Promotes Better Physical Health: Balancing your love life and personal life can enhance your personal development in various aspects. Instead of dedicating excessive time to your romantic partner, you can use that time to take care of yourself, engage in hobbies, or further your self-improvement. With the support and understanding of your loved one, you can pursue these activities while maintaining a healthy relationship.


  1. Fosters Improved Mental Health: Certainly, when your love life is thriving, and your personal life is in balance, your mental well-being also experiences positive growth. Having time for yourself, setting goals, and having the freedom to engage in activities you enjoy can lead to increased mental freedom. This allows you to connect with and understand yourself better, leading to a greater sense of self-awareness and self-fulfillment


Is Requesting Personal Space Wrong?


Bangkok Matching would like to affirm that being in a romantic relationship does not imply that you must abandon your personal space and dedicate all your time to your partner. Striving for a balance between your love life and personal life is not “wrong” if that is what you desire. However, it requires mutual understanding and the establishment of boundaries.


If you find yourself experiencing the following feelings, you may be in need of personal space or seeking a balance between your life and your relationship.


5 Signs Indicating the Need for Balancing Love and Personal Life


  1. Feeling Less Self-Valued or Neglecting Self-Care:  Sensing a decreased importance placed on oneself or a lack of self-care.
  1. Insufficient Time for Daily Activities:  Perceiving that there is not enough time in each day to accomplish what is considered essential.
  1. Daily Goals Centered Solely on Pleasing Your Partner:  Realizing that daily objectives revolve around making your partner excessively content.
  1. Withdrawal from Social Circles Due to Limited Free Time:  Experiencing a sense of detachment from social circles and friends due to insufficient free time.
  1. Unnoticed Changes in Surroundings:  Sensing that the environment around you is evolving without your awareness.




Having personal space for oneself, dedicating time to personal reflection, and engaging in leisure activities can help alleviate stress and reduce the feeling of being constantly immersed in your romantic relationship. Creating a designated space for oneself can also improve the quality of the relationship, minimizing unnecessary conflicts.


Moreover, if your life lacks the management of a middle ground, if there is an absence of balance between your love life and personal life to the point where they intertwine indiscriminately, the consequences can be more significant than you might think. These consequences include:


  • Lack of Self-Confidence:  A diminishing sense of self-assurance.
  • Absence of Self-Respect: A decline in self-respect.
  • Neglect of Physical Self-Care and Appearance: Neglecting self-care in terms of physical health and appearance.
  • Accumulated Stress: The accumulation of stress.


These signs are typically most evident through your physical well-being. Often, it begins with neglecting self-care because you prioritize your romantic partner and constantly focus on their needs, concerns, and well-being. Without realizing it, you may be doing “too much” or giving “excessively” in the relationship, ultimately leading to a lack of self-respect.”


7 Techniques for Creating a Love & Life Balance Personal Space: How to Do It?


  1. Open and Honest Communication is Key:

Nothing beats having open, reasoned conversations and active listening when it comes to the most important technique for creating personal space. To begin, discuss and understand the benefits of setting various boundaries in the relationship, ensuring alignment from the start. Envision a future without worries or issues arising from these boundaries. Establish confidence that setting boundaries does not diminish the importance of the relationship but rather is a part of enhancing the overall quality of life.


  1. Prioritize Correctly:

When prioritizing, it’s essential not to place other things above yourself. Taking care of your body and mind, taking breaks, engaging in hobbies, or investing in self-improvement should not be overshadowed by anything else. This is a long-term investment that yields positive results. When you have a well-nurtured body and mind, it positively impacts your relationship, leading to smoother and happier dynamics.


  1. Set Appropriate Boundaries:

Establishing boundaries in your life with your partner is a delicate matter that requires clear communication right from the beginning. Each couple may have different depths and layers of feelings regarding this issue. Some may believe that dedicating 2-3 hours a day to personal self-care activities like reading a favorite book or playing a desired game is sufficient, while others might require more or have differing specifics. It ultimately depends on the couple’s conversations and agreements.


   4  Allocate Quality Time Together:

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean spending every moment together, and constant communication doesn’t necessarily lead to a longer-lasting relationship than those who allocate time for conversation and reserve parts of their time for personal activities. Quality time spent with your loved one should be the focus. It helps create a lasting impression, strengthen the bond, and build a more solid connection than spending the entire day together aimlessly.


You can allocate your time together. For example, spending evenings together for quality time and dating, while the daytime can be used for personal work and alone time. This approach often leads to a stronger and more satisfying relationship.


  1. Flexibility and Compromise:

This is real life, and unexpected situations may arise that don’t go according to plan. Being adaptable and willing to compromise in different phases of your relationship helps in maintaining a life balance. Sometimes, you might have to reduce personal space to allocate more time for certain circumstances to keep the relationship intact and thriving.


    6  Build Trust First:

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, especially romantic ones. You need to consistently demonstrate trustworthiness, avoid behaviors that make your partner uncomfortable when you’re not around, and maintain open communication. Avoiding jealousy and suspicion is crucial for balancing your love and personal life.


    7  Seek Help from Experts:

Today, there are many relationship experts available to offer their services. You can take your date or partner to consult with a professional to find a solution together. Getting advice from experts can help you both find common ground and balance in your relationship.


But most importantly, and as emphasized, the key to balancing your love life and personal life is “communication” between you and your partner. The direction of your relationship should come from mutual understanding between the two of you, rather than individual decisions and judgments


Caution in Balancing Love and Life:


The freedom you have in your personal time should not be seen as an opportunity for infidelity in your relationship. Trust is the core of a relationship, so creating situations that jeopardize it can not only disrupt the balance but also damage the good relationship you once had.


When discussing and establishing boundaries for personal space and balance, it should receive approval from both you and your partner. It should be a mutual satisfaction, taking into account the feelings of your loved one and shared objectives. Avoid asking for something that you know might be excessive and make your partner uncomfortable. Find a middle ground together with mutual respect and fairness.


In Summary: Balancing love and personal life is a common endeavor that can be achieved. However, boundary setting should involve planning and collaboration with your partner. Both should have a common understanding to find a shared middle ground.


But if you are someone who wants to find a date that suits your preferences without worrying about adjusting attitudes and differences too much, Bangkok Matching, a professional matchmaking company, has experienced matchmakers ready to find the perfect match that suits your dreams. We use profiles, attitudes, and job responsibilities to provide you with the most suitable date. We are ready to offer a complete match that suits your desires.








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