Dating in Thailand: the DOs and DON’Ts– Expat’s Guide to Dating Thai Ladies by Thailand’s High End Dating Service Agency


Dating in Thailand: the DOs and DON’Ts– Expat’s Guide to Dating Thai Ladies by Thailand’s High End Dating Service Agency

Dating in Thailand: the DOs and DON’Ts– Expat’s Guide to Dating Thai Ladies by Thailand’s High End Dating Service Agency


Today we talked with Bangkok Matching, Thailand’s leading and longest running High-End Dating and Matchmaking Service Agency on their opinions and advice on the DOs and DON’Ts when dating “proper/decent” Thai ladies in Thailand.


Whenever there is a conversation between a Thai lady and a western man, many may already label the Thai lady as a bargirl or a gold digger. It makes no difference where you met because these Thai girls can be found anywhere in Thailand. Whether you meet this guy online or in person, you exchange a few messages online for a few days or weeks.  They might think is she using google translate? Or why is her English so good?  Today we talked with Bangkok Matching, a reputable high end dating and matchmaking service agency in Thailand on this area, and hopefully these dating tips will be the key to help those western guys know that maybe they have found a normal, proper and decent Thai girl here in Thailand and not some bargirl after all.


Dating in Thailand: the DOs and DON’Ts– Expat’s Guide to Dating Thai Ladies by Thailand’s High End Dating Service Agency
Dating in Thailand: the DOs and DON’Ts– Expat’s Guide to Dating Thai Ladies by Thailand’s High End Dating Service Agency


Many Thai single girls are now more open to western men. Not all Thai girls are looking for Thai men anymore.


They perceive these westerners as unique because they think they can be more romantic. Additionally, whether interacting with royalty or meeting a reliable person. All Thai women think that westerners are more likely to be faithful to them than Thai men. Many of the single Thai women we know have experienced multiple heartbreaks from Thai men who treat them disrespectfully.   Furthermore, when we consider single Thai ladies falling for single westerners. You might wonder if this will ever work out because of the linguistic and cultural differences. Bangkok Matching frequently receive inquiries from our western clients about the cultural differences and what they should be aware of before meeting these lovely Thai single ladies. Nobody wants to ruin a first date, which is why western men should do their research before meeting a Thai girl they met online or offline. They must understand what to say and how to act around those Thai girls.


When Bangkok Matching talks about “single Thai ladies”, we must first define the type of Thai girls we are referring to. We understand that many westerners believe that all Thai girls are the same, but this is not the case. There are many decent proper Thai women out there who are intelligent, well-educated, and, of course, know what they are doing when it comes to communicating with westerners. They are not here for an English lesson, a one-night stand, or an FWB relationship. Since they prefer Westerners over Thai men, many Thai single ladies look for real respectable Westerners with whom to develop genuine relationships.  In terms of this Thai dating culture tips, Bangkok Matching is here to help western men be prepared for whatever comes their way when looking to date a decent Thai single lady. We will share the Dos and Don’ts when Dating in Thailand with proper decent Thai ladies, or a survival dating guidelines for Westerners to follow.


Assume you met this girl via friends or via dating apps or online somewhere and have been communicating with her for a few weeks when you begin to develop feelings for her. You had no trouble speaking with her by text or phone because of her great command of English, and you have no doubts that she is the real deal. You both agree that a meeting is necessary, but since you have only been corresponding via texts, you are unsure of what to expect. Where do we start, then? We’ll walk you through the five dos and five don’ts of dating below.


Dating in Thailand: the DOs and DON’Ts– Expat’s Guide to Dating Thai Ladies by Thailand’s High End Dating Service Agency
Dating in Thailand: the DOs and DON’Ts– Expat’s Guide to Dating Thai Ladies by Thailand’s High End Dating Service Agency




This is the most important dating tip for you to be aware of. Thai and Western cultures are vastly different from what you would do on your first date in your home country. I’ve done this before, and it’s not too difficult, you may think, but maybe not in Thailand, and maybe not for these Thai girls. With Western girls, you can do some things that you couldn’t with Thai girls.  Expect to see temples and enter a Thai traditional environment as Thai culture is very important to all Thai families. Before you enter her world, make sure you understand the culture.




Thai girls don’t shake hands or give cheek kisses as a form of greeting. For Westerners, giving someone a hug, a touch, or a handshake for the first time is entirely normal.  Thai girls, on the other hand, keep their hands to themselves and greet with words, smiles, and the Wai (Thai traditional way of greeting one another). Make sure you understand this traditional way of greeting because if you don’t know the Wai greeting, Thai women may experience discomfort and confusion. It is far preferable to greet her in the traditional Thai greeting because she will think you are open to Thai culture. The traditional greeting will establish respect in them.




Thai women are quite feminine, and they value appearance wherever they go. They take extremely seriously the latest fashion trends. Everyone wants to look their best while going on a first date since first impressions matter a lot. A person’s clothing choices and preferred fashion style can reveal a lot about them. Make an effort to look presentable for your first date with her in order to show her that you appreciate her.  Thai girls understand the holiday clothing theme, but not everyone prefers to see western guys dressed in summer shorts or t-shirts as if they were about to visit the beach. It’s not just about respecting the lady, but also the places in Bangkok and the environment around you.




While sharing is customary on the first date in the West, men are expected to cover all costs in Thai culture. However, be cautious on your first date and use caution. Decide what you want the dynamics of this relationship to be. Be ready to reward her on subsequent dates if you start off lavishly and take her to a pricey restaurant or exclusive rooftop bar on your first date. If you start demonstrating to them that you have a lot to offer, some girls will have higher expectations of you.  We’re not saying you can’t give her anything. However, we want her to fall in love with your heart as well as your money. So, start small and build up with positive and diverse experiences. When you want to give her your all and know she deserves more from you, feel free to do so when the time comes.




Thai women prefer not to spend their time when it comes to partnerships. She wants to understand and be aware of the state of her relationship. Therefore, complement her and share your thoughts about your first date if you love meeting her in person and like what you see. She will feel more comfortable around you as a result, and if she enjoys meeting you in person, more meetings will be feasible in the future. She will become more approachable as a result, letting you into her world and moving you both forward more quickly.




It’s crucial for western guys to be aware of this one. You shouldn’t expect any SKIN SHIP on your first date. In other words, you can’t touch her in front of people. Everyone in Thailand knows and understands that shaking hands with foreigners is the proper form of welcome, but kissing her on the cheeks or lips at the first meeting is too much, too fast. And neither in public nor in private, there should be any hugging or other indecent physical contact.  These will give Thai girls a highly uneasy feeling, and they can feel squeezed and unsafe on their first date as a result. If you don’t want to scare her off on your first dates, remember that you must refrain from any form of skinship, regardless of the outcome. We all know that good things take time, so don’t push her and be patient; when the next meeting comes along and she feels more secure in you, she will be ready for you.




Many western men believe that ‘Thai girls’ will agree to sex. As was already mentioned, not all Thai women are the same. It is quite disrespectful to these women to expect them to sleep with you after your first date, thus if you are seeking for a good decent Thai woman, don’t expect this from her. Don’t waste your time with these girls if all you want to do is have fun after your first date; instead, go out on a date with a bargirl. She won’t waste your time if you respect them by not spending theirs.   Furthermore, some Thai ladies take a long time to say ‘YES’ to sex, so it is up to you and your partner to communicate about your sex life. However, putting pressure on your girlfriend will only make her feel uncomfortable, and you may be pushing her away without realizing it. When you want a strong and decent relationship with a good Thai lady, take it slowly.




Thai women and their families have close ties. She is serious and wants you to be a part of her inner circle, so if you get the chance to meet her parents and friends, please take advantage of the opportunity. So, be grateful for it and change your attention from what’s wrong to what’s right. Even though you might feel anxious or under pressure, if you’re a good guy who respects her family, they’ll welcome you into their home without hesitation.  Don’t place her in a situation where she must choose between you and her family; Thais don’t operate that way. Instead, have an open mind and learn about their culture. Thai girls regard their boyfriends and their families highly. Therefore, be sure to comprehend her and to not discount her.




Each person is different and has a method of caring for themselves. Remember that Thai women take great care with their cleanliness and looks. Thailand has hot temperatures all year round, unlike the rest of the world. You should take more than one or two showers every day as a result of the hot weather’s effect on perspiration and the ease with which your clothes can begin to smell. Avoid wearing the same outfit more than once and always wear clean, fresh clothing. Because it keeps them cool and they like to stay clean and fresh all the time, Thai people take at least two showers per day.



We are aware that you are visiting Thailand temporarily or, in some cases, permanently. If there is something about this nation that bothers you, try to hold back on your complaints. Each place on Earth has both a good and a terrible area. However, nobody wants to hear you gripe about the nation they call their own.  You can discuss it with her, but don’t hammer home the negative aspects of her home country too hard. The key is to respect and comprehend the distinctions between your nation and hers. She can become upset, so be consistent and don’t overthink things. She might think you’re treating her with disrespect, at which point she’ll start to regret knowing you. Thai females will leave you and won’t want to waste any more of their time with you, according to this. 


Last but not least, it might be difficult for anyone to meet people from various cultures, faiths, languages, and origins. Learning and finding the appropriate person, whether a woman or a man, are both involved. As soon as you open your heart and head, it becomes simpler to understand the differences between you and your potential companion. Why not allow yourself to try something new and different? We’re not suggesting it will be simple, but it won’t be too difficult either.  These Thai dating culture tips, however, are just starting points for western men when meeting a Thai single lady. As most of us know, Thai people are extremely friendly and can be quite relaxed when meeting new people. So, if you prefer to connect with them and give your heart a chance to meet a decent Thai lady, Bangkok Matching recommends you follow these simple Thai dating culture tips and you will not regret having a Thai girlfriend or wife as your future partner.


Enjoy your search of love journey with our lovely Thai ladies.  We wish you all best of luck.


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