I want to hold profile to only date him


I want to hold profile to only date him

Happy Valentine’s Day ka P’Ying

I have news for you. Finally, I make up my mind to get to know Khun xx exclusively and dating him exclusively.  So I want to put my profile on hold. I want to get to know him better.

I have no more any doubts in my mind about him (Even today noon, we just talked about unclear points. we had been talking about our feeling daily.)   

Thank you so much for always giving me good advice. I take your advice as we should have accepted someone who is happy to accept the way I am.  After seeing him, talking to him I found he is a much better person than I expected.  He is a mature person, has a very positive attitude , always look on the bright side of life, try to understand me well and willing to accept me the way I am.

P’Ying, again thank you so much for being my consultant.

I will keep relationship with him, get to know him better and see how the relationship goes. It’s just the beginning of our new chapter”