IF Khun Xx is interested in continuing/building this relationship, I have no wish to meet anyone else


IF Khun Xx is interested in continuing/building this relationship, I have no wish to meet anyone else

I believe dinner date with Khun Xx went really really well and  I went  so far to have glasses of wine share bottle with Khun Xx,    1st  alcohol  for me since xxx. 

To answer your questions about my date feedback



1      9.90/10 

2      Highly impressed, very attractive assured good manners, articulate, excellent command of English language, good conversationalist, never bored  

3     The best 1st meeting with lady since May 1991 , 26 years ago. Wow:  K Xx had such impact mentally and on my eyes.

4     Good talker conversationalist eg  explaining her family, the Grimms and her business tasks, enabling relaxed conversation. Good eye contact Khun Xx good astute observer of body language 

5     I  already met her 2nd time at Emporium on Sunday afternoon.

I have suggested  3rd rendezvous if possible Thursday evening before departure  for my business trip.     Khun Xx is  working  big and 1st quarter end is fast approaching I respect this  professional resolve and diligence. 

6    I have more to learn from  her.  Khun Xx has superb people management /communication skills and much more to clarify for me re Thailand customs, public and private etiquette and mores. 

7   IF  Khun Xx is interested in continuing /building this embryonic personal relationship I have no wish to meet anyone else 

I have given my word to Khun Xx that shall return to Bangkok on or before end of May.  If she wishes to continue seeing me with a view to moving fast for permanent relocation. 

A  strong relationship with Khun xx is  a real incentive. for a 2017  relocation project.    One reason Khun Xx says is enthusiastic to learn my favorite sport of tennis   and with her on other side of net. I may, at last , get some victories!! 

Even if Khun xx is not interested, I recognize  she is one highest caliber Premier League standard  lady    personally  physically   personality   professionally every aspect. 

Khun Ying, thank you for giving me  the opportunity of meeting her    even    if   she throws me back into   Andaman Sea!!! 

As  always,