Bangkok Dating Service Agency presents Luxury Matching Member 159211


bangkok matching thai dating service 77211

Bangkok Matching proudly presents Thai Dating Male Client of 15 September 2021 Looking for Love with Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean Singles Ladies for Serious Long Term Relationship.


Because LIFE is Short, During this COVID time, when matched Bangkok Matching exchanges phone number and line chat to the daters to start chatting before meeting in real.  
You still can meet someone new who meets your criteria even when stay home.  Life is short, so Your Love Life doesn’t need to be on hold. 
To apply to Bangkok Matching’s Premium Dating Service, pls email to or send message to our line id: bangkokmatching2
bangkok matching thai dating service 77211
bangkok matching thai dating service 77211

Dating Thai Male Business Owner in his mid 40’s is looking to be matched and date a nice lady aged between 30 – 38 for serious relationship.  

Group 3  Income 700,000 – 4,000,000 Baht/Month
Our Thai Dating Male Client would like to meet and date:
  • Single Thai Girls/Single Thai, Thai Chinese, Japanese, Korean Lady aged 30-38
  • Average Looking+
  • Average – A Bit Chubby body shape
  • 152 cms+ tall
  • Bachelor Degree+
  • No Smoke and drink only socially
  • Never been married


“Meet the Right Person at the Right Time at Bangkok Matching”

Bangkok Matching provides best professional matchmaking services for well-educated professional singles dating in Bangkok Thailand and in Asia by executive professional matchmakers.


PS.  The photo isn’t our real client’s photo.  Bangkok Matching’s premium dating service is discreet and confidential, only “paying” dating members will see real photos of their match(es).

Would like to meet Well-Educated Successful Singles in Bangkok for Love?  Let’s, Bangkok Matching, Thai Best Dating Service Agency assist you. 


Bangkok Matching does all background check.  Dating Service Package Fee Starts from 25,000 Baht
Meet Successful Thai Singles and Expat Singles in Bangkok Thailand like you within 7 days!

Thai Dating Tips by Bangkok Matching


Do Thai Ladies Drink/Smoke a lot in General?


When is Best Time to Apply to Bangkok Matching’s Premium Dating Service?


How to Know a Bad Thai Lady from a Good One?


FAQ about Bangkok Matching’s Premium Dating Service – Matchmaking Service


“อยู่ก่อนแต่ง ดีไหม /อยู่ก่อนแต่ง ผิดไหม” โดย บริษัทจัดหาคู่พรีเมี่ยม Bangkok Matching หาคู่แต่งงาน


หาคู่ไม่ขอคนดื่มแอลกอฮอล์เลยดีไหม คนที่ไม่ดื่มแอลกอฮอล์เลยจะมีบ้างไหมในไทย


“คนโสดที่ไม่อยากโสด ทำไงให้ไม่โสดในเมืองกรุงที่เขาว่าอุดมไปด้วยคนอ้วน โสด จน?