Specification do foreign men with a good profile, high status, and billionaire status request from Bangkok Matching


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There are many foreign men with a good profile, high status, and billionaire status who are looking for a Thai female partner.   

Do you know what type of specification of Ideal Thai Girlfriend do they request from Bangkok Matching, the longest running high-end dating and matchmaking company?  Bangkok Matching is telling you today.


Thai Ladies who are attracted to charming gentlemanly blue eyes, tall and handsome Foreign Men, listen up!


Bangkok Matching is the longest running high-end dating and matchmaking agency based in Bangkok, Thailand  (www.BangkokMatching.com).  We have been providing dating and matchmaking services to a diverse group of single individuals with good profiles, including both Thai and foreign individuals, for over 18 years.  Bangkok Matching has male clients with exceptional profiles, ranging from high-income earners of hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions, to even billions of baht per month. These clients work both in Thailand and in various countries around the world.  They are very successful in either national level, Asian region level or even an international level.


ideal match foreign men eng
ideal match foreign men looking for in a thai lady when dating in bangkok thailand

Bangkok Matching has received and recorded the preferences of these groups of foreign (Expat) men with good profiles who have contacted us to inquire about our matchmaking services and have utilized our services.  Based on our statistics, we have found that foreign men with good profiles, including executives, business owners, and billionaire individuals, often seek Thai female partners with the following summarized specifications


The age range of the desired partner is as follows:

  • 68% are looking for a partner younger than themselves, with an age difference of 5-15 years or more.
  • 14% are looking for a partner of the same age.
  • 18% are looking for a partner older than themselves.”


Preferred skin tone:

  • 70% have no specific preference and are open to any skin tone, including fair skin.
  • 30% prefer a tan or darker skin tone.”


Residential origin of the women:

  • 50% prefer women from regions other than the northeastern region of Thailand.
  • 50% have no specific preference and are open to women from any region.”


Care and support:

  • 100% do not seek women who are solely interested in men’s money. They seek women who don’t desire to be taken care of, supported, and sent expenses, including taking care of the woman’s family.”



  • 70% do not accept having children.
  • 20% are open to having grown-up children who do not require constant care from the mother.
  • 10% are open to having young children and wish to take care of and personally guide them from the beginning.


Preferred ethnicity:

  • 85% are exclusively seeking Thai women.
  • 10% are open to women from Asian backgrounds.
  • 5% are interested in women from Western backgrounds.


Religion of the partner:

  • 96% do not specify the religion of the female partner.
  • 4% explicitly state that they do not consider Islam as a determining factor.


Educational background of the female partner:

  • 80% are looking for a partner with at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • 10% prefer a partner with a master’s degree or education completed abroad.
  • 10% are open to starting a relationship with a minimum education level of high school.


Occupation of the female partner:

  • 70% have no specific occupation preference as long as they have integrity, but they prefer women who do not work in bars and value their own work.
  • 20% are open to any occupation.
  • 10% prefer high-status occupations that are socially esteemed, such as doctors or business owners.


English language communication:

  • 70% prefer women who can communicate in English proficiently.
  • 15% prefer women who are conversant.
  • 15% expect some level of English communication skills.


Physical appearance level:

  • 100% seek someone with an attractive appearance.


“Body shape:

  • 65% seek someone with a slim and fit physique who exercises regularly.
  • 35% seek a partner with a proportionate and generally average body shape, and not overweight.



  • 60% want the woman to move to their country when in a relationship and for marriage.
  • 40% are willing to relocate to Thailand themselves, such as retirees.


When visiting the women in Thailand:

  • 70% hope to stay at the woman’s home to spend more time together.
  • 30% prefer to stay at a hotel.


Foreign men with good profiles and wealthy backgrounds rely more on their heart rather than their head. in finding a partner. If their heart tells them so, these foreign (expat) men are ready to devote both their physical and emotional efforts to fortunate Thai woman.


As Bangkok Matching mentioned many times that Thai women can easily become Cinderellas finding foreign millionaires or wealthy individuals as partners.  Because these wealthy and successful foreign men are not primarily interested in a woman’s occupation, but rather value her integrity and her pure heart.  These men then are wholeheartedly opened to love, embrace, and welcome Thai women into their lives and world.



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