Thai Dating and because you take thing slow. I am quite pretty sure that you will meet the right one sooner or later ka


Thai Dating You are my hope.

Hello Khun Bee,

How are you?? Glad to hear that you had such a great weekend.
Last weekend, I got friends coming to visit me from overseas. I took them to xxxx and xxxx by a ferry. They were so exciting, and kept taking lots of photo. These enormous and fancy architectures were really amazed them out. While they were enjoying, I was burned….!!!
Then, I took them to xxxxx by a ferry again. They also enjoyed their ride, and excited to see how traditional Thai people lived. I was happy to see all my friends happy and enjoy their time staying here.
After this trip, I got a headache from heat exhaustion since then….and still don’t feeling so well today. Hope it will get better soon. I just realize myself that I need more exercise. I used to walk under the sun for a day, and didn?t even feel exhausted…this much.
Being a single is good in the way I can do whatever I want to do. However, it can be a bit lonely when I have nothing to do, or when all my friends are too busy or have to go out with their family… Even though I consider myself is a tough and able to “live by myself” type of person, there?s a moment that I still think about having someone to share all thought and feeling, or even take care of me when i’m getting sick (like this…very terrible). The right one is very hard to find, a good relationship also takes time to build…
By the way, Khun Nub called me to set an appointment already. It will be on June xxx… She will let me know about the place again ka. This is my first date..hee hee . Let?s see how it is going to be.
Talk to you later ka. Take care na ka Khun Bee.
xx 🙂
Hello Khun Xx,
You read my blog!! : )
Your weekend sounds fun and very hot too na ka?. : ). Thanks for sharing story with me ka : )?.
I am not worried about you na ka?K. Xx?. I know that you are a Happy Single : )?and because you take thing slow?I am quite pretty sure that you will meet the right one sooner or later ka : ).
Let?s see about your first date na ka? : ).