Thai Dating Hope I’m not driving you nuts just yet…


Thai Dating Profiles you sent are so good. It is hard to make a decision. Bangkok Matching is professional. So impressive

Morning K bee,

Hope things are fine at your end.

Thank you for sending some of the profiles across. I must warn you I might be a bit choosy and perhaps a difficult client for you. However the good news is xxxx seems to be on the brighter side for me. We could filter xxx and put her in xxxxx filtered list, however that filtered list needs to have 2 more in order for me to choose my date. Also as you are aware Xx might not be interested in me and hence the filtered list should have a specific probability factor. 🙂

Hope I’m not driving you nuts just yet…

How about some xxxxxxxxxxxx, Mixed blood women? You have any of those? Can you find me someone who speaks xxxxxx as that unfortunately happens to be my mother tongue at the end of the day….