Thai Dating Life is not perfect..and no one is perfect.


Thai Dating สรุปนะค่ะ ขอคนติดดินไม่ต้องชอบท่องเที่ยวต่างประเทศ ไม่ชอบคนสังคมเยอะ ขาดความเป็นผู้นำ ชอบเล่นกีฬา และเข้าวัด

Hi Khun xx,

Sorry for late response. I have been traveling a lot on top of super demanding work schedule.

I have no doubt that you have a very high standard on your ideal lady, but I really think you should be more opened to meet least the onex I proposed to you. They are attractive, smart with a very good job.. yet very kind, modern and independent. I just think they would charm you when you meet them in person.

Life is not perfect..and noone is perfect.

For your consideration.