Unveiling the Challenges of Dating in 2024: Insights from Thailand’s High End Longest Running Matchmaking and Dating Service


เหตุผลว่าทำไมการออกเดทในปี 2024 ถึงเป็นเรื่องสุดหิน!

Unveiling the Challenges of Dating in 2024: Insights from Bangkok Matching, Thailand’s High End Longest Running Matchmaking and Dating Service


Why is it so difficult to find a partner these days? Many singles, both men and women, must have pondered this question at some point. Despite advancements in technology and the variety of tools available for dating, finding a meaningful relationship seems more challenging than ever.


It’s not just in your head. Bangkok Matching, a high-end matchmaking service, has researched this extensively and found that dating difficulties are a global phenomenon. Their findings align with a survey conducted by Pew Research, which interviewed over 4,800 Americans and revealed that dating has become progressively harder, especially evident in 2024.


The survey indicates that over 63% of people feel that dating and forming new relationships have become significantly more difficult since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022. This is particularly noticeable among Gen Z, with over 90% expressing a lack of enthusiasm for dating apps post-pandemic, as highlighted by Avanta’s research.


The post-COVID era has fundamentally altered many aspects of life, including dating. Based on these insights, Bangkok Matching has identified four key factors contributing to the increased difficulty in forming new relationships, which will be explored in depth in this article. Let’s delve into why dating in 2024 has become such a daunting task.


Factors Doubling the Difficulty of Dating in 2024


What makes dating twice as challenging in 2024?


Bangkok Matching, a high-end matchmaking service, has identified several key factors from various reputable sources that contribute to the increasing difficulty of dating. Surprisingly, these factors, which should ideally simplify our love lives, have had the opposite effect. Let’s delve into these factors:


  1. The Decline in Dating Culture Due to Dating Apps


Dating apps, initially designed to facilitate relationships, have instead stripped dating of its charm and romance. According to a blog on independent, the process of creating profiles and describing oneself in dialogues such as “My name is… I am looking for… My hobbies are…” has turned dating into a mechanical activity. The excitement of matching with someone online fades quickly, often leading to a repetitive cycle where the initial thrill gives way to disinterest. This phenomenon, known as “app burnout,” makes it harder to sustain meaningful romantic relationships.


เหตุผลว่าทำไมการออกเดทในปี 2024 ถึงเป็นเรื่องสุดหิน!
เหตุผลว่าทำไมการออกเดทในปี 2024 ถึงเป็นเรื่องสุดหิน!


  1. The Overabundance of Relationship Types


In the past, dating was straightforward: people courted each other with the aim of becoming partners, building a relationship, and eventually marrying. However, as the world has become more interconnected and attitudes have shifted, a plethora of new relationship types have emerged. Terms like “friends with benefits,” “polyamory,” and “open relationships” have added complexity to modern dating.


This variety of relationship preferences creates challenges for those seeking traditional partnerships. If individuals’ goals and definitions of relationships do not align, it becomes increasingly difficult to form lasting bonds. The diverse relationship landscape reflects evolving values and attitudes, often disregarding conventional norms and making the quest for a compatible partner more challenging.


By examining these factors, Bangkok Matching aims to provide insights into why dating in 2024 has become more difficult, helping individuals navigate the complexities of modern relationships.


3 The Growing Prevalence of the Value “Marriage is Not the Ultimate Goal in Life”


The evolving value system has rendered the phrase “a wedding dress is every woman’s dream outfit” obsolete. Mentioning this today might elicit strong reactions, as contemporary values no longer prioritize love as the ultimate life goal, unlike previous generations. Instead, the notion of “better to be alone than in bad company” is increasingly common. According to a survey by The Harris Poll, 56% of single individuals do not wish to change their status, finding contentment in their single lives.

This shift has led to more egalitarian life goals for both men and women. Women no longer need to wait for male validation to feel worthy; they can carve out their own paths independently. Consequently, love and relationships are often viewed as desirable but not essential, making dating more challenging. When one party has no particular expectations from a relationship, the likelihood of it developing into something significant diminishes.


4  Increased Expectations for Potential Partners


With marriage no longer seen as the ultimate life goal, the expectations for potential partners have risen. People now prefer to remain single rather than settle for a subpar relationship. This has led to higher standards for qualities in a partner—attributes that one might seek in a future spouse. In the past, being a good person with a stable job who could provide support was often enough.


However, in today’s context, specific characteristics and requirements have become crucial. Based on Bangkok Matching’s matchmaking experience, clients emphasize certain qualities such as financial stability, education, career status, and economic mobility. If these criteria are not met, many clients choose not to date at all, considering it a waste of time. This high level of selectiveness adds another layer of complexity to dating, as finding someone who meets all these criteria can be exceedingly difficult. Consequently, the process becomes more time-consuming and often frustrating, further complicating the dating landscape.


How to Make Dating Easier in 2024


Having identified the factors that complicate dating today, many may wonder if there are ways to simplify dating in the current and coming years. According to matchmakers from Bangkok Matching, a high-end matchmaking service, the answer is yes. These methods don’t require financial investment but rather a shift in mindset:


  1. Accept That “No One is Perfect”


Remind yourself that nobody is 100% perfect. Expecting to meet someone who perfectly fits your ideal will only add unnecessary conditions to your search, making it even harder to find a match. Letting go of this expectation can open up opportunities to meet many good people who are right for you.


  1. Explore Dating Beyond Apps


Many people rely heavily on dating apps, believing that finding a partner in real life is no longer possible. However, meeting people outside of dating apps is more common than one might think. Forming relationships through social interactions, connections, workplace environments, or even professional matchmaking services like Bangkok Matching can lead to meaningful and trustworthy relationships.


  1. Distinguish Between “The Right One” and “The Compatible One”


Bangkok Matching often emphasizes to clients that the person who seems right on paper may not always be the best match in reality. Clients frequently come with a detailed list of desired qualities, but after dating someone who fits these criteria, they might still feel something is missing. Conversely, when matchmakers focus on compatibility and ease some of the stringent specifications, clients often find more satisfying and lasting relationships. Setting specific standards is fine, but don’t let them become rigid barriers that hinder your dating experience.


Final Thoughts


Relationships don’t have a one-size-fits-all formula. Despite the increasing complexity of dating in this era, characterized by a strong sense of self-worth and self-love, it’s crucial to remain flexible with certain expectations. A good match might have been waiting for you all along, but rigid criteria could have kept you from noticing. Professional matchmakers, like those at Bangkok Matching, can greatly facilitate your search, helping you find compatible partners even in a time when building good relationships is particularly challenging.

By adjusting your mindset and expectations, you can make dating in 2024 a more manageable and rewarding experience.