Top 6 Best Dating Apps – Dating Websites to Meet Chinese Singles, Korean Singles, Japanese, Foreigner, and Half-Caste Singles for Serious Relationship


แอพหาคู่คนจีน แอพหาคู่คนเกาหลี แอพหาคู่คนญี่ปุ่น ไหนดี ฟรี ต้องการหาคู่

Top 6 Best Dating AppsDating Websites to Meet Chinese Singles, Korean Singles, Japanese Singles, Foreigner, and Half-Caste Singles


In addition to foreigner dating which includes European Singles, Westerner, English, American Singles, Australian Singles dating, etc., now other hot dating trends are Chinese dating, Korean dating, Japanese dating and half-caste dating. There is an increasing number of Thai single men and women who have included the said Asian single men and women in their specific requirements for their life partner.


Since we are in Thailand, and if we are looking into foreigner dating, we have to pay attention to their country’s dating apps as well. This will give us a lot more options to choose from.


Today, Bangkok Matching, the premium dating service– matchmaking service agency, will share some information with singles who are looking to meet Chinese, Korean and Japanese singles. Okay, if you really love dating someone from another country, then the first question is, “Which dating app should you use?” Get your passport ready and let’s get started.


แอพหาคู่คนจีน แอพหาคู่คนเกาหลี แอพหาคู่คนญี่ปุ่น ไหนดี ฟรี ต้องการหาคู่
แอพหาคู่คนจีน แอพหาคู่คนเกาหลี แอพหาคู่คนญี่ปุ่น ไหนดี ฟรี ต้องการหาคู่

1. Momo, a Chinese dating app

Dating app Momo is a Chinese location-based social network with the concept of being a tool to help strangers who have common interests or tastes meet up and get to know each other. This app is now one of the Chinese apps that can be in the United States.


2. Tantan, a Chinese dating app

Tantan dating app is similar to Momo dating app and both claim that their app is the most popular app among Chinese people.


The dating app Tantan unveiled their report that more than 40 percent of Chinese women used Tantan app to find their dates, while 15 percent have met the right person more than once via this app, and 41.9 percent used Tantan to make friends. Their main reason for using dating apps is to expand their social circles and it is easier to meet and get acquainted with new people than in daily life.


As for dating in China, Thai women have an edge on this situation. Since the number of single women in China is much lower than Chinese single men, Thai women then can easily enter China’s dating market with a higher success rate and less competition than in Thailand.


แอพหาคู่คนจีน แอพหาคู่คนเกาหลี แอพหาคู่คนญี่ปุ่น ไหนดี ฟรี ต้องการหาคู่ ใกล้ฉัน
แอพหาคู่คนจีน แอพหาคู่คนเกาหลี แอพหาคู่คนญี่ปุ่น ไหนดี ฟรี ต้องการหาคู่ ใกล้ฉัน


3. Amanda, a Korean dating app

Amanda is a dating app exclusively created by Koreans and for Koreans. It is a popular dating app for Korean singles. However, the disadvantage of this dating app is … “Ta-da!” The Amanda app does not welcome foreigners. So, sorry…foreigners cannot use this app.


4. HelloTalk, a Korean dating app

Actually, this HelloTalk is the language learning and language exchange app, just a chat app. Anyway, where there is a society, there is love. Therefore, apart from being an app for making friends and learning a language, the HelloTalk app has then gradually and unquestionably become a dating app.


If you are looking for Korean dating, Bangkok Matching would like to share a little bit of information on that. Korean oppa (man)’s love comes pretty fast but also ends quickly. Therefore, if you are a Thai woman looking for a Korean partner, you should be cautious and slowing down a bit. Korean oppa is pretty much being pictured as a playboy who can fall in love quickly, easily and break up quickly as well. As Korean men understand and know how much Thai girls like Korean guys from K Pop bands and Korean series, Thai girls should be well aware of their move in dating Korean men.


5. Pairs, a Japanese dating app

Pairs is a relatively new dating app but is rapidly gaining popularity. An outstanding feature of this app is that you do not need to sign up for another account as you can use your Facebook to log in straight away and even protect you from data forgery or fake data. The app is suitable for people who are looking for a real date and ready for possible serious relationship and perhaps marriage. Besides, the format and style of this app is suitable for young people finding a date online.


6. Tapple, a Japanese dating app

Tapple is a dating app for both casual dating and a serious relationship for Japanese men and women. A key feature of Tapple is the wide selection of search categories to make it easy to find a date with common interests whether in music, travel, or art that match your interests.




Using Asian dating apps & advantages and disadvantages of being Thai men and women


Overall, Thai women have an edge on this dating more than Thai men as Bangkok Matching has already mentioned above with an example of dating in China.


Again, Thai women are in a better position to find their ideal Japanese men. As these men know Thailand very well and are familiar with Thai food and culture, this leads some of them to be fascinated with Thai women in the same way. Japanese men like Thai women according to their roles of being a good housewife, a great mother and sweet. Thai women often have these good points.


As for Thai men, they are somewhat at a disadvantage because outsiders often get the image of Thai men as playboys, not really responsible, and often drunk. Therefore, if Thai men know these weak points, then when you are flirting with a woman from another country, pull yourself away from the aforementioned image. Nevertheless, in the end, you have to let the time prove it for you.


Bangkok Matching, the premium matchmaking – dating service agency for a serious relationship and marriage, would like to share this information with single men and women who are looking to meet Chinese, Japanese and Korean singles. Feel free to download the apps and check them out. However, just be a little more careful when using them.



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