7 techniques to observe ‘Red Flags’ dangerous warning signs from a date that may lead to a toxic relationship by Bangkok Matching, a matchmaking company


Red Flag ความสัมพันธ์ toxic relationship

7 techniques to observe ‘Red Flags‘ – dangerous warning signs from a date that may lead to a toxic relationship

by Bangkok Matching


Today, Bangkok Matching, Thailand’s high-end matchmaking and dating company, will discuss techniques for observing “red flags” and yellow flags in your dates or people you are currently conversing with. These observations can help you identify whether someone has the potential to become a toxic person in your life. Pay attention to their behaviors, both the red flags and yellow flags, as a guide for observation. If you notice signs of a toxic relationship emerging or already present, it’s best to end the relationship before things go too far.


Everyone wishes to find a partner to be happy with and grow together for a long time. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have that peace of mind. For all the singles out there, below are some tips from Bangkok Matching, a high-end matchmaking and dating company on how to choose a date wisely and avoid toxic relationships.


First of all, Bangkok Matching would like to explain first what Red Flag relationship is. What does it mean?


What is a “red flag relationship“?


Looking for Red Flags in a potential partner before deciding to date them seems to be an important topic that we often hear a lot about nowadays. Moreover, it has become one of the significant debates in raising awareness on social media platforms to prevent falling into dangerous relationship situations. The term “Red Flag” refers to the “dangerous signs” within a potential partner or romantic relationship, and it can take various different forms. We need to pay attention to these signs in order to avoid getting into toxic relationships that can cause a multitude of negative consequences, both mentally and physically, and may even have significant impacts on our well-being and assets.


Why You Need to Recognize the Red Flag in Relationships?


Because violent behaviors can be avoided if we are aware of the signs and stop the cycle of violence within families. According to a survey on domestic violence in Thailand in the year 2021 conducted by the Department of Women’s Affairs and Family Institution, it was found that 81% of the victims of physical violence within families were female. Moreover, 88% of these violent incidents occurred at their own homes.


In response to research on women’s experiences with domestic violence conducted by the Klao Klai (meaning Women Step Forward) Foundation, the study examined a sample group of 5 Thai women who were in relationships with partners exhibiting dangerous behavior. The study revealed the negative consequences of being in a relationship with a partner engaged in risky behavior, affecting both mental and physical well-being. Among the husbands of the women in the study, 2 out of 5 individuals exhibited violent behavior due to nervousness caused by alcohol and substance abuse, while another individual experienced mood swings due to genetic factors.


The violent behaviors they encountered included:


1.Physical harm, both direct physical violence and self-harm.

2.Emotional abuse, including gaslighting to make her doubt her own worthiness of such violence, and being cheated on and threatened to accept these behaviors.


According to the survey conducted by Bangkok Matching, Thai matchmaking and dating company, asking Thai men and women how long they think it takes to determine if the other person is the right one. The results from both sides were consistent, with the majority, about 80% of respondents, agreeing that it takes approximately 1 year at most to make such a decision.


From the case studies conducted by the Klao Klai Foundation, each couple that encountered problems of violence in a toxic relationship took a period of 2 to 6 months before deciding to stay together, with the longest duration being 5 years. This indicates that the time spent studying and understanding each other did not necessarily lead to changes in the “Red Flag” behaviors. On the contrary, these behaviors tended to increase when one party gained power over the other, whether it be physically or emotionally.


Therefore, to ensure that your date is not part of the group with “Red Flag” behaviors, you must create self-awareness before starting dating. Follow the good observation and techniques that we have provided, such as:


Red Flag ความสัมพันธ์ toxic relationship
Red Flag ความสัมพันธ์ toxic relationship บริษัทจัดหาคู่ Bangkok Matching แนะเลี่ยงคู่เดท เพื่อเลี่ยง toxic relationship


7 Observation Points on Dates with Red Flag Characteristics


  1. Lak of trust and extreme possessiveness


Lack of trust, belief, or displaying unwarranted jealousy that shows entitlement to control someone’s body and mind is considered one of the fundamental behaviors that indicate red flags in a relationship.


Therefore, if your date or partner exhibits behaviors that show extreme lack of trust in you without any valid reason, such as not believing or trusting you when you go out with friends, trying to force you to take pictures to confirm your whereabouts, or needing constant validation from others to believe you, it is clear that your date is displaying Red Flag behaviors in the relationship.


  1. Controlling Behavior


Another common red flag behavior in relationships is a tendency to be controlling and manipulative, attempting to make the other person live within the boundaries they set or according to their own desires. For example, they may try to isolate you from your friends or social circles, providing various reasons such as being concerned or not wanting you to be with others. They may express intense dissatisfaction if you disobey their commands. Take note of how your close friends or people in your social circle have distanced themselves from you after you started dating this person. If you find that there’s no one you can talk to about your emotional distress, it might be time to reflect on the presence of red flags in your relationship.


  1. criticism, judgment, and belittlement


Being in a romantic or life partnership means supporting and advising each other towards positive and beneficial aspects of life. However, if your partner starts to criticize and judge every action or decision you make, or if they constantly mock and belittle you, it becomes unacceptable. When their behavior reaches the point of insulting and demeaning you, both publicly and privately, it can severely damage your self-confidence and self-esteem. This is another red flag that you need to recognize quickly in your relationship.


  1. Withholding Emotions and Avoiding Communication


Even though the behavior of not speaking up and suppressing emotions may not seem severe in a relationship, it is actually like a ticking time bomb ready to destroy the good bond at any moment. You won’t be able to know what your partner is thinking and feeling, leading to pressure and stress, and it can even escalate to severe depression. This is another dangerous red flag that you need to be cautious of.


  1. Having Emotionally or Physically Violating Behavior

Violating behavior should never happen, even in a dating or romantic relationship. Touching, physical contact, or expressing opinions related to emotional states should be done with willing and heartfelt consent. If your partner exhibits violating behavior without caring about your consent or permission, this is another dangerous red flag that you should be cautious of.


Especially with the rising trend of deceiving someone into accepting non-consensual touch or actions, it is essential to remember that our bodies belong to us. We must always receive consent and permission before engaging in any physical interactions.


  1. Having Boundary-Disrespecting Behavior

Everyone has personal boundaries and limits that allow others to get to know them or discuss certain topics within those limits. If your partner makes you feel uncomfortable by crossing these boundaries, such as asking or talking about your past relationships, discussing events you don’t want to talk about, or anything else that causes you distress without feeling sorry or apologizing, this is another dangerous behavior pattern.


  1. Lack of Support and Encouragement

As mentioned earlier, a good relationship requires both parties to support and encourage each other in positive ways. If your past partner consistently showed a lack of effort in supporting or providing emotional encouragement, making you feel neglected in the relationship, it’s another red flag that you should take yourself out of this potentially dangerous relationship.


To be aware of red flags while dating, follow these tips


Even though we may be aware of the signs of dangerous individuals in relationships or red flags, in reality, when we find ourselves in such situations, many people tend to view the circumstances from their own perspective and may not see the situation clearly. This is because being manipulated or emotionally abused can distort one’s perception of being a victim, leading to a distorted view of the situation from an outsider’s perspective.


From the statistics of the case studies conducted by the ” Klao Klai Foundation,” it was found that female victims in toxic relationships tend to believe that the harm they experience from their partners is either fate or something beyond their control. This belief leads them to accept their fate and remain trapped in the cycle of the relationship.


We also have some good techniques for dating or selecting partners to share with all readers here. In reality, we can proactively set the course of our lives by being aware and attentive to the warning signs.


Here are 5 key observations that can help you date mindfully and be aware of potential red flags in your partner:


  1. Observing contradictions in your date: During a date, there is often a lot of conversation where your date talks about different things. Take note of what your date says or explains about themselves or their attitudes towards certain issues during the first meeting. After spending some time together, try asking questions related to those topics again to see if their answers contradict what they said earlier. Additionally, pay attention to behaviors that contradict their words. For example, if your date says, “I don’t support violence in the family, but in this case, women deserve to be beaten,” be aware that this person is likely to be a red flag in a relationship.


Moreover, there is a surprising survey conducted by the matchmaking company, Bangkok Matching, which revealed that during the first date, men tend to lie about their lifestyle to impress women, accounting for up to 54%. Therefore, it is crucial for you to pay close attention to any contradictions in your date’s behavior.


  1. Observing how they treat others: Pay attention to how your date interacts with servers, strangers, or even their friends, as it can reveal a lot about their character. If they consistently show disrespect or rudeness, it may be a warning sign.


  1. Observing possessive behavior: While showing interest and affection in a relationship is normal, pay attention and take note if your date has displayed excessively possessive behavior during each date. For example, if they insist on separating you from others, even close friends, or if they use hurtful words due to feelings of jealousy, it might be a red flag. These tendencies often indicate a controlling and distrustful nature, which can be clear warning signs.


4. Observing your date’s speaking patterns: During the time of getting to know each other, pay attention to the way your date frequently communicates. Evaluate both the language style and sentence structures to determine how much gaslighting they may use. For example, if they frequently use sentences like, “I behave this way because you were like this first,” consider it a red flag and be cautious of the way they speak.


5. Be aware of yourself when with your date: Your intuition is the most powerful tool for self-awareness. Although the early stages of dating may bring positive feelings, if you have any uncomfortable emotions related to your date, do not overlook them. Take the time to examine those feelings thoroughly and consider if they might be signaling red flags from your date.


Because choosing a partner is like choosing a long-term future for yourself, paying attention to small behaviors and gestures, as well as reactions your date has towards different situations, is crucial. This includes observing their behaviors related to substance abuse, such as drug or alcohol use. Planning ahead from the beginning will contribute to a happy and strong relationship with your loved ones in the future, and it will help break the cycle of violence within families and society.


What are Yellow Flag and Green Flag dating?


Yellow Flag


“Yellow Flag” is considered some behaviors that signal potential danger, but they are still at a relatively early stage and not as severe as “Red Flag.” If you notice these behaviors, you can address the issue directly with your date because there is still a chance to change the behavior and turn it into a “Green Flag.”


Green Flag


“Green Flag” refers to behaviors of your date that are in the “safe zone,” meaning they do not display any dangerous signals. They treat you with respect, understanding, and value your worth. It provides a safe and positive space for you. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a date who shows Green Flag behaviors rather than someone with risky behaviors to avoid potential issues in the future.


But if observing various behaviors of your date is something you don’t want to encounter, and you don’t want to waste time with a highly dangerous Red Flag date, we recommend our selected and attentive matchmaking and dating service that can help you meet quality dates and safe from risky behaviors. Bangkok Matching, a matchmaking company, conducts checks and screens work and work history, financial status, and profiles of your potential date. This includes lifestyle and preferences. Bangkok Matching is ready to find you a date and a life partner in a safe environment.”


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We use ChatGPT to translate to Chinese; there might be some errors.


































關於具有危險信號特徵的日期的 7 個注意事項


  1. 缺乏信任和极度的占有欲






  1. 控制行为




  1. 在浪漫或生活伴侣关系中,意味着相互支持和给予建议,以促进生活中积极和有益的方面。然而,如果您的伴侣开始批评和评判您所做的每一个行动或决定,或者他们不断嘲笑和贬低您,那将是不可接受的。当他们的行为达到公开和私下侮辱和贬低您的程度时,它可能严重损害您的自信和自尊。这是您需要迅速在关系中认识到的另一个红旗。
























當然,這裡有 5 個關鍵的觀察結果,可以幫助您謹慎約會並了解伴侶的潛在危險信號:


  1. 观察约会对象的矛盾之处:在约会中,通常会有许多交谈,你的约会对象会谈论不同的事情。注意在第一次见面时,你的约会对象对自己或对某些问题的态度所说或解释的内容。在一起度过一些时间后,试着再次问相关的问题,看看他们的回答是否与之前说的相矛盾。此外,注意行为是否与言辞相矛盾。例如,如果你的约会对象说:“我不支持家庭暴力,但在这种情况下,女性应该被打”,请注意这个人很可能在感情关系中是个红旗。

此外,高端婚介公司——曼谷匹配(Bangkok Matching)进行的一项令人惊讶的调查显示,在第一次约会中,男性往往会对自己的生活方式进行虚假陈述以给女性留下好印象,占比高达54%。因此,对于约会对象行为的任何矛盾之处,你需要格外注意。


















但是,如果观察你的约会对象的各种行为是你不想错过的事情,并且你不想浪费时间与高度危险的“红旗”约会对象在一起,我们推荐一项很棒的服务,可以帮助你遇见高端级别的约会对象,远离风险行为。曼谷婚配(Bangkok Matching)是一家婚配公司,他们会检查和筛选你潜在约会对象的工作历史、财务状况以及个人资料,包括生活方式和喜好。曼谷婚配准备在安全的环境中为你找到一位约会对象和人生伴侣。


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