Announcement and Warning: Beware of fraudulent individuals falsely claiming to represent Bangkok Matching


police report บริษัทจัดหาคู่ Bangkok Matching 8may23

Announcement and Warning


Beware of fraudulent individuals falsely claiming to represent Bangkok Matching, the longest running Hi-end Matchmaking and Dating company, and tricking you into transferring money for investment purposes


Please noted that for the company’s bank account to receive payments, it must be under the name “Bangkok Matching Co., Ltd.” Only.   To contact Bangkok Matching, all of our channel is only described in this link, no other way else.


There are many individuals who have been deceived by fraudulent activities and have transferred money to these individuals, believing they would be able to exchange partners or engage in sexual activities with numerous women for free all over Thailand associated with Bangkok Matching Company.


Please note that these claims are entirely false. Bangkok Matching is a reputable and the longest running Hi-end dating and matchmaking company that focuses on providing honest personalized matchmaking and relationship services, including marriage. Bangkok Matching is not involved in illicit activities or solicitation of funds for exchanging partners and free sex. Additionally, Bangkok Matching does not offer any investment opportunities.  Bangkok Matching business is only for true and pure relationship.


Lately some individuals have visited Bangkok Matching’s premises looking for the scammers. Bangkok Matching, the genuine matchmaking company, have to step forward and explain that they have been deceived by fraudulent individuals who falsely claimed to represent Bangkok Matching to get their money.


From what Bangkok Matching personnel has heard, many men, in most cases, hesitate to report to the police or make it to public knowledge because they already have wives or girlfriends and feel ashamed. They may also fear causing problems within their families. Therefore, they choose to remain silent and keep it to themselves.


On Monday, May 8th, 2023, a man stormed into Bangkok Matching office looking for the fraudulent individual but found real Bangkok Matching’s personnel only.


Bangkok Matching has recorded this incident with Thonglor Police Station as evidence and to demonstrate its sincerity. (The company has already recorded similar incidents three times, with three separate copies of the log.)


If you or anyone you know has fallen victim to these fraudulent activities and have already transferred money to those scammers, it is important to contact Thonglor Police Station immediately to report the incident and seek necessary assistance as Bangkok Matching has reported this scammed situation to Thonglor Police Station since 2022 and the police at Thonglor Police station is now the good center to collect all information from all victims all over Thailand for this case.


Thonglor Police Station Details:

Address800 Thong Lo Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

HoursOpen 24 hours

Phone+66 2 381 8853