Bangkok Matching Introduces “Open Casting Dating” a New HOT Dating Trend among Gen Z


Bangkok Matching OPEN CASTING DATING dating in thailand with bangkok matching

Bangkok Matching Introduces “Open Casting Dating” a New HOT Dating Trend among Gen Z


The dating trend in 2023 remains hot and continuous as Gen Z is revolutionizing the dating scene with a powerful trend known as Open Casting Dating. This concept draws parallels between dating and casting, searching for individuals who fit their roles authentically. It emphasizes what the new generation is seeking, which is authenticity and self-expression. Under this concept, you must be willing to let go of any preconceived notions or specifications you may have had because being confined to a certain mindset can prevent you from exploring new opportunities. This aligns with the open-minded nature of the Gen Z demographic, allowing people who don’t fit a specific mold to connect and get to know each other without barriers.


Based on dating statistics from Bangkok Matching, Thailand’s high-end matchmaking company that has been providing services for single men and women in Thailand and globally for over 18 years, it’s been found that most singles often have specific preferences in mind. These preferences can vary widely, depending on gender and age.


Generally, women tend to seek men who are financially stable, accomplished in their careers, confident leaders, and mature. On the other hand, men often have preferences related to women’s overall appearance, personality, and attitudes. However, educational background and income are not usually the primary deciding factors for men.


Many people might wonder if a relationship can survive if they don’t choose to date someone who matches their criteria. Based on the experience of matching singles for a long time, Bangkok Matching can confidently say that sometimes people who match all the criteria initially set forth may seem great in the beginning, but as the relationship progresses, many have to reconsider.


This is because ultimately, specifications are just constructs shaped by our minds, our social preferences influenced by various media, and our own past experiences. They do not always translate to what truly suits you. An important point for everyone to understand is that you can fall in love with someone outside of your specified criteria. Bangkok Matching has successfully matched many single men and women with partners they never considered before, and it’s quite remarkable but not surprising to our matchmaker team.


In fact, 65% of couples in this group often find themselves falling in love quite easily and many of them even end up getting married.


What is Open Casting Dating


Casting Dating is a dating concept that compares dating to finding the right actors for specific roles. It’s about giving people the opportunity to come in so that you can meet the right person by letting go of preconceived notions that you may have held onto.


Because in the initial stages of dating, when two people meet someone they like and who fits their criteria, they often try to show that “I can be the perfect partner for you”. This might be because they are attracted to the person’s appearance, physique, image, job status, or profile. However, as time goes by, the idea of a perfect match that they initially saw may fade, and questions arise as to why they ended up with this person and how the relationship ultimately comes to an end.


Open Casting Dating can greatly surprise yourself when you find that you can break free from the old boundaries that have surrounded you all along and discover genuine love that comes from within? Gen Z individuals believe that casting dating is a form of dating that leads to even more lasting relationships.


Bangkok Matching OPEN CASTING DATING dating in thailand with bangkok matching
Bangkok Matching OPEN CASTING DATING dating in thailand with bangkok matching


The key question is, how open are you to embracing differences, no matter how big or small they may be?


Dating in an Open Casting style comes with a few important considerations. The key is that you must be willing to let go of preconceptions, eliminate specifications you’ve held in your mind, whether they’re about external appearance, height, skin color, body type, profession, and open the opportunity for everyone to participate as a potential life partner. Because, in reality, sometimes the best match may not be the one who perfectly fits your specifications. It’s similar to how the best person may not be the perfect person for you.


So, when dating with the casting rule, it’s crucial to open your heart wide, overcome your personal biases, and the person entering your life as your date must also understand that they are part of an Open Casting dating style, where multiple individuals might be considered. However, in the end, at the right time, you will have to make a decision and choose the one who truly captures your heart to develop a sincere and committed relationship.


Why has the Open Casting Dating format become popular?


The fact that Open Dating has gained popularity and become a big trend shaking up the dating scene in 2023 is not only because of its intriguing and attention-grabbing concept. It also holds psychological significance as it involves a complete change in perspective. Just by attempting to change the viewpoint that singles have held onto, it can lead to a profound transformation in one’s love life.


Have you ever felt like your love life is just not going the way you want it to, no matter how hard you try or what dating platforms you use? And every relationship seems to end in disappointment, right? It might be because you’re addressing the issue from the wrong angle. You might switch dating platforms, change matchmaking companies, or try different approaches, thinking that moving yourself into new situations will solve the problem.


But in reality, what you might need most to solve the perpetual single status in the dating market is just a lifelong friend – a bridesmaid or groomsman, so to speak. It’s about taking yourself to meet new types of people more than anything else.


Just by opening your heart, the love that has been elusive for you all this time might come back to you again.


Bangkok Matching, Thailand’s leading and longest running high end matchmaking company, has noticed that many singles often fail to realize that they are swimming in a circular pool with no way out. This is because they forget to consider that if they open their hearts and broaden their horizons without confining themselves to overly narrow specifications, they might find that their ideal match is different from what they initially thought. For example, if you believe that you should only date Thai-Chinese men who are at least 175 centimeters tall, have a good physique, fair skin, and a handsome international look, and hold a master’s degree, this is considered a specific specification that might seem suitable for you. However, no matter how many people you encounter who match these specifications, relationships never seem to end well.


That might be a sign that you should let go of the idealized image in your mind and open your heart to someone who might be different but right for you in ways you had not initially considered. It is not necessarily a bad thing, as you might think.


How Open Casting Dating is different from Open Relationship?


Indeed, both of these forms are significantly different in terms of structure, concept, and practice. Most people are more familiar with and have encountered the term Open Relationship more frequently since it is a well-established form of relationship that has been around for a long time.


The differences between Open Casting Dating and Open Relationship are as follows


  • Open Casting Dating is the concept of dating by seeking the right person for oneself, leaving behind preconceptions, personal preferences, individual expectations, personal specifications, and opening up to all kinds of people, similar to giving actors a chance to showcase their skills in a movie casting.


  • Open Relationship is when a couple understands and agrees that both parties can have additional relationships or allow new people to enter their lives. This can involve either maintaining separate relationships or living together, with various conditions that can be adjusted based on the mutual agreement of the couple.


  • Open Casting Dating is not a specific form of relationship but rather a dating trend that has gained attention.


  • An Open Relationship is one form of a relationship for couples who decide together to have an open relationship in various aspects, as agreed upon.


It’s clear that both, even though they may use similar words, have distinct formats and types of relationships. Open Casting Dating is a dating concept for the modern era, while Open Relationship is a preference for couples who want openness in their relationship.


What is the method Open Casting Dating?


Jumping into the trend of Open Casting Dating isn’t difficult at all. Anyone can do it; it’s all about being open-minded. And if you’re wondering if Open Casting Dating is suitable for everyone, the answer is “yes.” Everyone can follow this trend, depending on their comfort level, open-mindedness, and willingness to try something new. It’s about breaking free from your own preconceptions and societal norms to some extent. There’s no fixed technique for this type of dating; it’s all about adjusting your own mindset. You can easily follow the guidelines provided by matchmaking companies like Bangkok Matching. Here’s how


Some good techniques for Open Casting Dating include:


  • Think of yourself as a director who is currently looking for a shining star to play the lead role in your exciting, long-lasting romantic film.


  • Open the opportunity for everyone who comes in, don’t shut anyone out, because personal biases are like allowing actors to showcase their skills during casting. The most important thing in casting dating is that you have to eliminate the specifications you used to have in your mind. Let go of things you used to think were right, such as “I like honey-toned skin, at least 180 cm tall, a charming footballer’s smile, and so on. These are things you won’t control anymore.


  • In addition to keeping an open heart, you yourself must be sincere, open, and authentic, without embellishment, because don’t forget that you too could be one of the casting actors on the other side.


  • Opening the opportunity for many people to join and searching for who will suit you the most during the casting (dating) period is not wrong, it is not considered cheating, as long as you have not committed yourself exclusively to anyone, and your actions must be clear accordingly. Remember that sincerity is the most important thing, as long as you don’t deceive anyone into thinking that you and they are in a committed relationship, you can be at ease with Open Casting.


The benefits of Open Casting dating include


  • Developed thinking and perspective: It is often said that the hardest thing to change is a person’s thinking. If you can open your heart to embrace Open Casting dating, it means that your worldview and perspective have become more open-minded than before.


  • New connections: Because in casting-type relationships, you will meet new people from places you used to block off thinking, I won’t date someone like this. You may find that, in reality, people you once blocked off can connect with you more than you thought.


  • Discovering new perspectives in life: From previously limited perspectives, dating in a casting-style manner will allow you to better understand yourself. Dating and getting to know a variety of people can lead you to discover new facets of yourself that you may not have known before.


  • Expanding your social circle: For those who feel that their social circle is too narrow and have been missing out on various opportunities in life, dating in a casting-style manner will introduce you to individuals from diverse professions. Even if you don’t succeed in dating at that particular time, you can still advance in your career, foster sibling-like relationships, or even explore various business opportunities for yourself.


You can see that dating under the concept of Open Casting Dating can clearly reflect the unique characteristics of Gen Z individuals. This includes their creative thinking, emphasis on self-identity, valuing emotional well-being, being authentic, and being more open in expressing their feelings than just focusing on superficial appearances.


Bangkok Matching understands the needs of singles, so we offer unlimited dating packages for both men and women to comfortably explore dating in the Open Casting style without any constraints. From our experience in matching over 9,000 success couples with a success rate of over 80%, we have professional matchmakers ready to provide genuine matchmaking services tailored to your preferences.




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バンコクマッチング社は、新しいGen Zスタイルのオープンキャスティングデートを紹介します。


2023 年におけるデートトレンドは、Gen Z がデートシーンを革命し続け、新しいデートトレンドを確立しています。Open Casting Datingというコンセプトの下で、デートをキャスティングする新しいトレンドが続々と登場しています。これは、デートを俳優を選ぶように捉え、自分自身を真剣にさらけ出すことを重視しています。条件として、以前のプリセットされたスペックに固執しないことが求められています。枠組みに固執することは、新しい可能性を見逃すことにつながる可能性があるためです。これは、一般的にGen Z 世代の特徴であり、幅広い可能性を受け入れ、既存の期待にとらわれないオープンマインドなアプローチを奨励しています。


結婚相手探しの統計によると、Bangkok Matchingというハイエンドなマッチメイキング会社は、18年以上にわたり、タイ国内外で独身男性と独身女性に対するサービスを提供しています。Bangkok Matchingは、独身者の多くがすでに自分の理想像を持っていることを発見しました。それは、職業や外見など、性別や年齢に応じて異なることがありますが、一般的に女性は経済的に安定しており、リーダーシップ能力があり、大人である男性を求める傾向があります。一方、男性は一般的に女性の外見、性格、および態度に重点を置いており、教育や収入はそれほど重要ではないことが多いです。


多くの人々は、特定の基準に合致しない相手を選ばない場合、長期的な関係が成立するか疑問に思うかもしれません。長年の独身者へのマッチメイキングの経験から、Bangkok Matching社は、時には完璧なマッチと思われる相手との関係が始まっても、実際に一緒に生活すると合わないことがあることを確認しています。なぜなら、最終的には私たち自身の思考や社会的な価値観、メディアからの影響、そして自身の過去がスペックを決定しているに過ぎず、それが本当に自分に合っているかどうかを示すものではないからです。また、すべての独身者に知っておくべきもう1つの重要なことは、自分の設定したスペックに合致しない相手とも恋に落ちる可能性があるということです。Bangkok Matching社は、多くの男性と女性をマッチングし、彼らが以前に考えたこともなかった相手に恋に落ち、最終的には結婚することがあることを発見しています。


Open Casting Dating とは何ですか?


カスティングデート(Casting Dating)は、デートを俳優の役柄探しにたとえるデートのアプローチであり、最も適した相手を見つけるために、人々に参加の機会を提供することを意味します。つまり、自身が以前に抱いていた固定観念や偏見を取り払い、本当に合った相手と出会う機会を広げることを目的としています。




あなたは、オープンキャスティングのデートがあなたに大きな驚きをもたらすと信じていますか? 自分自身が古い枠組みを超え、内から湧き出る真実の愛を見つけることができることに気づいたとき、あなたは自分自身に感動するでしょう。Gen Zの人々は、キャスティングデートがより持続的な関係へと導くデートの形式であると信じています。
























Open Casting Dating と Open Relationship の違い


  • オープンキャスティングとは、自分自身に合った人を見つけるためのデートのコンセプトで、固定の偏見、価値観、個人的な期待、個人的な仕様を捨て、すべての人に心を開くことを意味します。それは、俳優にオーディションの機会を提供するようなもので、誰もが参加し、自分を示す機会を持つことができます。


  • オープンリレーションシップは、カップルが互いに合意し、相手と新しい人々との関係を持つことができると理解し合う関係形態です。これにより、お互いに独立して生活することも、新しい人々を受け入れることも可能となります。条件や規則はカップルの合意に基づいて調整され、変更されることがあります。


  • オープンキャスティングデートは、ある種の関係の形式ではなく、人々が興味を持つデートのトレンドの一つです。


  • オープンリレーションシップは、カップルが共に決定し、さまざまな側面でオープンな関係を持つ一つの関係形態です。


明らかに、両者は同じような言葉で書かれているかもしれませんが、異なる明確な形式と関係の種類を持っており、Open Casting Datingは新しい世代のデートコンセプトであり、Open Relationshipは関係をオープンにしたいカップルの好みです。


Open Casting Datingのデート方法はどのようなものですか?


キャスティングデートトレンドに飛び込むことはそれほど難しいことではありません。誰でもできます。ただし、心を開くことが大切です。そして、Open Casting Datingが誰にでも適しているか尋ねられるなら、答えは「はい」です。誰でもこのトレンドに従うことができます。それはあなたの心と大胆さにかかっています。新しいことを試す勇気、自身や社会の既存の枠組みや偏見から脱却する勇気が必要です。このデート方法には固定されたテクニックはありません。あなた自身の思考を調整するだけです。バンコクマッチングの結婚紹介会社が提供するガイドラインに従って、簡単に実行できます。








  • 心を広く開かなければならないだけでなく、自分自身も誠実で、装飾せずに自分自身をさらけ出すことが重要です。なぜなら、あなた自身も相手側のキャスティングの一部かもしれないことを忘れてはいけないからです。




  • オープンキャスティングデートの利点


  • 考え方と視点を発展させました:「最も変えにくいのは人々の考えだ」と言われています。もしオープンキャスティングデートを受け入れる心を持てるなら、あなたの世界観は以前よりも広がったことになります。








Open Casting Datingのコンセプトのもとでのデートは、Gen Z世代の本質を明確に反映しており、外見よりも創造性、自己表現、心の健康を重視し、真実さと感情のオープンさを重視しています。


Bangkok Matchingは、独身者のパートナー探しのあらゆるニーズを理解し、独身の男性と女性が心地よくOpen Casting Datingの形式でデートできるように制限のないデートパッケージを提供しています。私たちは9000組以上の適切なデートカップルをマッチングし、成功率は80%以上です。プロの仲人が真剣な気持ちで、あなたにぴったりのデート相手を見つけるお手伝いをいたします。