’s Poll about Thai Dating on Twitter

SHARE's Poll about Thai Dating on Twitter has been conducting Poll about datingthai datingdating in thailand in Thai society on Twitter very often (3 – 7 Dating Polls created a week at the minimum). Sometime the answer we have got also surprise us, but mostly it’s what we as a matchmaker have been hearing and seeing for the last 11 years since we are in matchmakingthai dating service business since 2006.

We think that the dating Poll would be beneficial to the singles and daters especially ones who are living in Thailand or dating Thai lady or Thai man, who come across to see, so they or you can use this statistic to adapt to your dating in thailand and dating thai people.

Today BangkokMatching would like to share with you our dating poll on twitter in our matchmaker‘s blog, we really would like singles and daters to see.

From the Dating Poll photo, we have asked men on twitter (Likely that men on twitter would be all Thai) if they have 2 choices of women to choose to date with, between Thai Chinese Lady and Caucasian Lady, which one would they prefer?  

The answer is quite competitive; 56% prefers Thai Chinese; and 44% prefers Caucasian. 

Another dating poll asks between 2 lady types; one overweighted but has a pretty face and one who has fit body with average look, which one would they prefer to date with?

The answer is very clear. 73% prefer fit lady who has average look.

As a matchmaker in the matchmaking, dating business in Thailand for over a decade, we are not surprised by the answer. Truth has be told again and again.  So let’s keep fit, excercise, it’s good for your health and your posture anyway, right?   


Happy Chinese New Year All Daters.

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