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บริษัทจัดหาคู่ Netflix Dating Reality Show Love is Blind

Today, Bangkok Matching – Date Agency, the longest running High-end Dating and Matchmaking company in Thailand, will write and review the famous Netflix Series Dating Reality Show – Love is Blind.


The Dating Reality Show – Love is Blind is currently only produced in the United States, Brazil, and Japan.


Love is Blind is a Netflix Dating Reality TV show that includes 15 single men and 15 single women, for a total of 30 people in each season, divided into different zones. The dating reality Love is Blind show allows them to get to know each other by having them sit in rooms next to each other without seeing each other’s faces. For a total of ten days, they communicate solely through conversation to get to know each other.


When a man and a woman sit and talk in a room next to each other for ten days and fall in love, they can propose that person to marry them. When they ask to marry, they have a maximum of 10 days to meet and see each other’s faces on a honeymoon trip. They may request to be married sooner than 10 days talk, or they may request to be married at the end of the 10 days. Some people, even after ten days, don’t build any connection with any singles in the house, and decided to go home alone, just as they did when they first arrived.


Following that, the Love is Blind TV dating reality show allows couples who have proposed to each other to spend a week together at a getaway resort.  After the honeymoon, then each couple shares an apartment and goes through real-life experiences together. They visit each other’s homes and collect things to put into their apartment. They meet each other’s parents, family members, and friends. The final day is their wedding day, when they say “I Do” and decide if they want to spend the rest of their life together. From the start of getting to know each other to the end of the show, everything happens in just 38 days.


บริษัทจัดหาคู่ ญี่ปุ่น love is blind thailand
บริษัทจัดหาคู่ ญี่ปุ่น love is blind thailand

“Love is Blind” is a dating reality show which aims to determine whether two people can truly fall in love with each other based entirely on conversations without seeing each other first.  The plot of the show focuses on getting to know each other by avoiding physical appearances, instead relying entirely on the emotional connections. Participants will make and accept marriage proposals based solely on conversations and connection thru the wall, without ever meeting in person. They will only rely on attitudes and stories told by each other. In other words, they will choose their future partners based simply on their hearts.


According to statistics from the Dating Reality Show – Love is Blind, collected from a total of three countries at present:


Netflix’s dating reality show Love is Blind


Love is Blind currently has 3 seasons from the United States.


In the first season, only two of the six couples who proposed to each other agreed to marry within 38 days and are still married today.


In the second season, two of the six couples who proposed to each other decided to get married, however both later divorced.


In the third season, two of the five couples who proposed to each other decided to marry and both are still married.


Love is Blind from Japan


Love is Blind Japan currently has only one season. The show includes eight couples who plan to marry, but only two of them got married after the 38-day experiment. Both couples are still together.


บริษัทจัดหาคู่ Netflix Dating Reality Show Love is Blind
บริษัทจัดหาคู่ Netflix Dating Reality Show Love is Blind


Love is Blind from Brazil


Love is Blind from Brazil had 5 couples who proposed to get married, Only three couples have gone through the wedding ceremony and said ‘I do’ on the show. At the moment, two couples have separated, and only one couple is still married.


Three of the five experiments were conducted in the United States, one in Japan, and one in Brazil. This demonstrates that choosing to talk and get engaged based on attitudes, opinions, and conversation compatibility does not always guarantee a long-term relationship.


There are many other factors that contribute to making a lasting relationship, such as physical appearance, personality, behavior, career, distance, financial management, family, and friends of each party. These factors can only be seen and evaluated after couples have known each other for more than 10 days, which is the amount of time couples have before deciding to marry on Love is Blind.


Mostly people who have just met in the beginning stages of their relationship choose to show their best qualities only to the other person, until sometime passes, then they will begin to reveal their true selves. As a result, it is not surprising that after getting to know someone for a while, we may change our minds and consider them to be a not suitable partner.


Bangkok Matching, the longest running high-end dating and matchmaking company, highly recommend that when looking for love, singles should use hearts to communicate and brains to determine whether this person is suitable to be our life-long partner or just a friend, or even an acquaintance.


However, even though we like each other and can stay together for a long time does not mean that we must have the same mindset and thoughts. Accepting and embracing each other’s differences can make a relationship work.


This includes personal preferences as well. It is not necessary that you two must like, enjoy or do the same thing, then you will be a good match. If you enjoy going to the beach, the other person enjoys going to the mountains, or if you enjoy Italian food, the other person only enjoys Japanese food, that does not mean you can’t be a suitable and long-lasting couple. If you understand the differences and are willing to embrace new experiences with the other person, your relationship can work as well.


It is difficult to find someone who is exactly like us, but it is much easier to find someone who shares some similarities with us. As a result, the Dating Reality Show Love is Blind on Netflix proves that not seeing someone’s face, appearance, profession, income, or height does not prove that if we eliminate these material things and focus entirely on the conversation and compatibility of perspectives, the relationship can work.


Bangkok Matchingis interested in the chance to host a Dating Reality Show like Love is Blind to do experiment with Thai single in Thailand, in order to determine Thais, with their delicate culture compared to other countries if they will have similar or different results from those countries that have already produced the show.


If Netflix Thailand comes across to this article, please feel free to contact Bangkok Matching at any time to collaborate and try the matchmaking experiment with Thai singles for a Love is Blind-style show. Bangkok Matching is delighted to have the opportunity to participate and to find the answer with Thai singles together with Netflix.


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