Free Online Dating Research Advice: Aim high, keep it brief, and be patient. Let’s Hear Matchmaker/Dating Coach Says


Free Online Dating Research Advice: Aim high, keep it brief, and be patient. Let’s Hear Matchmaker/Dating Coach Says

Free Online Dating Research Advice: Aim high, keep it brief, and be patient.  Let’s Hear Matchmaker/Dating Coach Says

Online Dating is being observed from time to time from researchers around the world whether it works, and what the best practices are for singles to make it works, what to do and not to do and so on.

Bangkok Matching’s Premium Matchmaking Service Agency gave interview to BBC Thai a few days ago about the recent research on 4 free online dating in 4 big cities, USA published in BBC recently. 



The BBC Thai News would like to hear the Thailand dating expert’s opinion, thus the BBC Thai contacts Bangkok Matching; Premium Matchmaking Service/Dating Service Office in Bangkok and asked to talk to our dating experts.  Khun Bee, Bangkok Matching’s founder and CEO has talked to BBC Thai News herself. 

คู่รักจับผมหาคู่ของเว็บหาคู่บริษัทจัดหาคู่ให้บริการจัดหาคู่พรีเมี่ยมเพื่อแต่งงาน Bangkok Matching บนเค้ก

They talked about the researcher suggestion of using online dating for singles to:

Aim High, Keep It Brief, and Be Patient 

  • Aim High

The research suggested the singles who use online dating to aim high; which means to contact the higher profiles, higher look, higher qualifications comparing to them.  They said why not? The response rate of doing so for guys is around 22%; even though it’s quite low, but they said it’s worth it. 

But Bangkok Matching’s matchmaker, Khun Bee, says “I can understand that in theory, everyone always looks for the best for themselves. You can aim high and only contact the persons that are far more attractive, more successful than you but then you have to understand too that those people have lots of choices.  If you see that they are desirable, so others do.  We totally understand that one life, why not taking a chance.  Your success rate will be quite low, but why not, it’s really up to you. 

We just would like you to bear in mind that those desirable people do know that they have many choices to choose.  Would they choose someone quite far below their status?  If you are at their level, will you go below your status?  Why and why not? 

After all, one thing also that you should consider about aiming high is, will you be really happy and comfortable being with someone with higher status, being around people and community that out of your league.  Something in life, we would suggest that it could be better to have someone that “fit” you, not the “best” one you can have. 

  • Keep it brief and 

Khun Bee, Bangkok Matching’s Matchmaker and Dating Coach, totally agree with this advice.  Keep it brief, so you don’t sound like whining, you don’t talk too much about yourself and that you might slip out your problems about work about family and about everything.  

Take time to get to know her before you blabbing about yourself. 

  • Be patient

Khun Bee also agree with this advice.   If you contact someone on the free online dating website (and actually anyone in your life), contact them once and if they don’t respond yet, you’d better wait.  But when it comes to dating, your best option is only to wait to keep it cool.  You don’t want them to see that you are so pushy, out of control or too eager. 

If you like her/him that much, we would recommend you to do only one follow up and if there’s still no response, that would be it.    



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