Dating in Thailand- Modern Thai Dating and Thai Families – Having Kids or Not Having Kids Trend


Dating in Thailand Modern Thai Dating and Thai Families Having Kids or Not Having Kids Trend by Thai Dating Agency – Bangkok Matching

Dating in Thailand

Modern Thai Dating and Thai Families

Having Kids or Not Having Kids Trend


Thai Dating Agency – Bangkok Matching

Many things have changed in the world of today, and it is now more open. Many Thai families are more open about their children dating and having relationships, and this generation has seen a greater introduction of new and exciting things to the world, including newborn babies.


Today, Bangkok Matching, High-End Dating, and Matchmaking Service Agency in Thailand would like to give an example of one of our ladies about her modern Thai dating culture– Having kids or not story, we will call her Khun Sky.


When it comes to finding relationships or love today, many Thai singles have a different outlook. More Thai women and foreigners can be seen together in public these days.  Thai families and Thai parents frequently meet the foreign lovers and girlfriends of their sons and daughters. 


Back in the days, this would be something nonsense our parents would be worried about whom we were dating. Thai family doesn’t feel that it’s good for their kids to be dating foreigners. Thai are strict with cultures and religions. They dislike seeing their daughters get played or disrespected because they feel that cultures are different, so they closed their hearts to them. But now, it’s more for a westerner to understand that it’s really important for them to be prepared when you marry a Thai, you’re not marrying only with your partner but you are marrying into their community of families and friends.


As for Khun Sky, whenever they discuss their relatives back home, she usually runs into issues with her foreign partner. Her foreign partner has a tendency to believe that he should be in charge of every aspect of her family’s life, including money. At first, communication was challenging. He was always terrified to meet her large Thai family because they frequently argue over it. But only time can help him overcome his phobia; the more he absorbs and comprehends the culture, the more he was willing to embrace her Thai culture and interact with her Thai family and friends.


Dating in Thailand Modern Thai Dating and Thai Families Having Kids or Not Having Kids Trend by Thai Dating Agency – Bangkok Matching
Dating in Thailand Modern Thai Dating and Thai Families
Having Kids or Not Having Kids Trend by Thai Dating Agency – Bangkok Matching


As a Leading High End Thailand’s Matchmaking and Dating Agency, Bangkok Matching has to mention more about Thai culture, typically Thai women have a strong bond with family and it’s very normal for us to be living with our parents even when we are adults. But we do have many Thai ladies who will move out and rent their places but still have a strong relationship with their families. The partner needs to understand and accept Thai culture and western/foreign partners must keep an open mind because of cultural differences.


Today’s Thai are more educated and we expect more freedom when it comes to relationships. Some families might feel that we are not giving them respect when it comes to dating and finding love. They want us to get married before moving out or having sex with our partners.


The world has changed, and many Thai couples now live together as soon as they decide to be committed to one another. It’s common to see a young couple leaving their house to live together. because she believes that living together before getting married is preferable. We should better comprehend what it’s like to live with the person we just pledged to for the rest of our lives. When we comprehend how it is to live with the partner we have selected, it will assist them understand and see the wider picture. 


She says, ‘’No one wants to wait for everything to happen after marriage, what if it doesn’t work out? There’s no point in doing everything right after marriage’’.  Everyone is aware that allowing someone else into our everyday lives requires us to step outside of our comfort zone. And she believes that prior to making a full commitment to her boyfriend or a potential partner, it is critical for her to be clear on what she wants. Intercourse is not what we are discussing; premarital sex is no longer the exclusive option.


Singles tend to look for more than just sex, it’s more about giving you and your partner a chance to enter each other lives and see how far this relationship will go. Falling in love is one thing, learning about each other and understanding one another is more important. People have hidden agendas that we can’t see in public, but we might see those hidden agendas only when they are with their loved ones. She wants to know she made the right choice, by living with her boyfriend so she knows the good and the bad side of him.


Furthermore, when we choose to move out from home or live with our partners. It’s important to talk about what’s the plan for the future because everyone must know what they want before getting themselves in trouble. This is when she feels that talking to her partner about having a kid is important. She wants to know how he feels, to see if they are on the same page or not. What if he, doesn’t want any kids? This can give us conflict and might not be good for the future. This is why she prefers to communicate with her loved ones about her goal in the future. This is only fair for both of them, to be prepared for what is coming.


Even though  today’s generation, many Thai singles think a lot when it comes to having a family with their future partner. Compare to what is going on outside right now, people tend to feel that it’s better not to have any kids because they don’t want to bring any child into this world. But, as for her, she does feel that having a baby is a feeling that we females want to feel. But unfortunately, for some in the part of having a kid, some Thai lady feel having a kid is just too expensive, they think if we can’t offer kids the best care, they rather not have any.” But this is not the meaning that they don’t want to have a kid but they just need to prepare and think more about the bigger picture. They must be ready and feel that they are making the right choice, not getting themselves into a financial crisis.


In conclusion, as the reputable Premium dating service agency in Thailand that we listen to over hundred thousands of Thai, Expat, Westerner, and Foreign Singles who contacted us, Bangkok Matching would like to emphasize that it’s really important to realize that having a family is a big step for all singles woman to take. But, for her, she feels that being a mother is a big role. She wants to know how it feels to become one.  She wants to be able to have that chance to feel unconditionally loved by someone she has never seen before. Having a child growing inside of you is a miracle, but only for some women. This might not be for everyone; each person has a different goal and perspective of what they want in life.


But as soon as you and your spouse are prepared to make this important decision together, you know it’s the appropriate course to follow and will enable you to start a family in the future. When it comes to love, nationality, family history, or religion don’t matter whether it’s a Thai lady with a Thai man or a Thai woman with a westerner or foreigner. The decision of marriage and kids is for two people to decide together and it’s for them to choose which path they want to take. Most importantly, communication is key when it comes to building lasting relationships. Families are only guiding us through life and support us whenever we need them. But, at the end of the day, it is you who make the decision on which way you prefer to turn and take the wheels, you’re the driver of your life circle.


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