Bangkok Matching reveals the new dating trend “Sober Dating” that has gained popularity worldwide in 2023


Sober Dating เดท ไม่ดื่มเหล้า บริษัทจัดหาคู่ bangkok matching

Bangkok Matching reveals the new dating trend “Sober Dating” that has gained popularity worldwide in 2023


“Sober Dating”


Bangkok Matching, Leading high end matchmaking and dating company, reveals the new and powerful dating trend worldwide in 2023 – “Sober Dating”


Let’s get to know the dating trend of 2023, “Sober Dating,” with Bangkok Matching. Dating trends change with time, just like fashion trends that are constantly evolving. It all depends on the prevailing social norms and what people in society prioritize. In 2023, the dating trend that stands out as more popular than anything else is “Sober Dating,” where individuals choose to date without involving alcohol. This trend has gained significant popularity worldwide at this moment.


Bangkok Matching, therefore, would like to introduce the “Sober Dating” trend and promote it further in Thailand. This is because Sober Dating has shown positive effects on successful matchmaking rates and long-term relationships, as it proves to be much better than excessive drinking during dates.


“Sober Dating” refers to dating or going on dates without the use of alcohol or intoxicating substances as a central or supporting element. The term “Sober” literally means having complete and clear consciousness. When combined with “Dating,” it means choosing to date or go on dates with a sense of mindfulness or sobriety, where alcohol or substances are not involved. This trend has gained significant popularity and has become an important aspect of modern dating. Many people who have tried Sober Dating believe that it fosters a deeper emotional connection and clearer communication between individuals.


Why is Sober Dating so popular in 2023?


It is not entirely uncommon to find it intriguing that the concept of mindful dating has gained popularity in the year 2023. Examining the dating preferences of the younger generation, often referred to as Gen Z, reveals that many individuals within this demographic tend to possess progressive and open-minded ideologies. They tend to prioritize enjoyment and emphasize personal freedom in cultivating relationships. This phenomenon leads to a heightened interest in engaging in dates at vibrant and stimulating venues, such as clubs, bars, and nocturnal establishments. Interestingly, there is a simultaneous focus on the practice of “mindfulness” during these dating experiences. This emphasis on mindfulness has even transcended into a trending use of various hashtags across diverse online platforms.


Furthermore, a survey conducted by the dating app company Bumble in the United Kingdom found that 62% of users expressed positive views toward sober dating. This is because it allows them to share their thoughts, get to know each other, and engage in deeper and more meaningful conversations. Sober dating has become a preferred choice for many individuals as it facilitates more genuine and enriching interactions during the dating process.


This is consistent with a poll from Ncsolutions, which indicates that in the year 2023, the alcohol consumption rate among Americans has decreased by up to 34%, and there is also an additional 24% of the newer generation choosing not to drink alcohol at all. This has led to an increased awareness and popularity of the Sober Dating trend.


Sober Dating เดท ไม่ดื่มเหล้า บริษัทจัดหาคู่ bangkok matching
Sober Dating เดท ไม่ดื่มเหล้า บริษัทจัดหาคู่ bangkok matching


Moreover, this trend is also evident in Thailand, where the new generation of singles is increasingly conscious of the trend of Sober Dating. According to the Year in Swipe survey conducted by the Tinder app for the year 2565 (2022-2023), the popularity of traditional dating is diminishing as Thai singles, particularly the new generation, prefer simpler date activities, such as visiting various places or inviting each other to enjoy street food, without involving alcohol. In fact, a significant number of app users, up to 72%, explicitly state on their profiles that they do not drink alcohol anymore.


As well as the dating statistics from Bangkok Matching, we found that both Thai and foreign members prefer first dates to be non-drinking or with minimal alcohol consumption. The majority, 70%, choose to have dinner dates, while 30% prefer lunch dates, without involving alcohol.


If the conversation goes well and there is mutual interest, the subsequent activities often involve having dessert, walking around, or watching a movie together. Interestingly, over the past two years, Bangkok Matching has not received any feedback about members getting drunk during their dates.


Who is suitable for Sober Dating?


Indeed, dating behaviors and preferences for interesting activities during dates vary among different generations. It depends on their values and social trends, which are constantly evolving and becoming more progressive. These factors influence the changing attitudes of each age group towards dating and finding a partner.


Bangkok Matching, as a Thailand’s leading high-end matchmaking company, can provide a clear comparison of which age groups are most likely to adapt to the trend of Sober Dating, where alcohol is not involved during dates.


1. Baby Boomer (born between 1946-1964) is an older generation, and research from the Alcohol Problems Research Center has revealed that the Gen B group still has a higher preference for alcohol consumption compared to other age groups. Therefore, the Sober Dating trend is challenging to be widely adopted among this generation.


2. Gen X (born between 1965-1981) is a group of people who value stability and often choose partners who align with their values. The drinking behavior of this generation varies, with fluctuations based on various factors that occur in their lives.


3. Gen Y, or Millennials (born between 1980-1997), is a group of people who prioritize work-life balance. According to surveys from the Center of Alcohol Studies, compared to the year 2011, the number of new drinkers and drinkers among Gen Y has decreased by nearly 200,000 people.


4. Gen Z (born between 1998-2012) is a generation that shows decreasing interest in alcohol consumption. Surveys from the National Statistical Office indicate that compared to the past 10 years, the trend of drinking has decreased by 28%, with an average of 24,535 people quitting drinking each year. Moreover, there is a continuous decline in the number of new drinkers in the future. This indicates that the Sober Dating trend is most suitable for people in the Gen Y and Gen Z groups.


How Sober Dating Affects Relationships


Certainly, dating with full consciousness and mindfulness has positive effects on the dating experience, making it more meaningful and memorable. Here are some benefits:


Each date becomes more meaningful and memorable.

Conversations become clear, deep, and precise.

There is an opportunity to observe the behaviors, body language, and attitudes of your date.

To ensure a smooth and highly effective Sober Dating experience, Bangkok Matching recommends the following 3 steps for singles to prepare before going on a date with their potential matches:


1  Inform your date in advance that you prefer to have a Sober Dating experience.


Even though Sober Dating is becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to remember that not everyone may be aware of this trend or share the same perspective. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a mutual understanding with your date about the alcohol-free aspect of the date to avoid misunderstandings and unexpected situations. Here are some simple steps to follow:

Engage in a conversation with your date to assess their attitude towards Sober Dating.

Exchange thoughts and opinions about dating without alcohol gradually.

Invite your date to join you on a date under the concept of Sober Dating.


2  Find a suitable place for dating.


Because nowadays people tend to seek dating venues that support alcohol-free dating rather than clubs or bars, there are many more places suitable for Sober Dating. Moreover, this type of dating has many benefits since it allows couples to spend quality time together, engage in conversations, exchange ideas, and participate in activities. It’s highly conducive to learning and understanding each other’s personalities.


Suitable venues for Sober Dating could include:


  1. Cafes or Coffee Shops: Meeting up for coffee or tea provides a relaxed and comfortable environment for conversation without the pressure of alcohol.
  2. Art Galleries or Museums: Exploring art and culture together can spark interesting discussions and provide a unique and enriching experience.
  3. Nature Walks or Parks: Enjoying the outdoors through a walk in the park or a nature trail allows for quality time together and meaningful conversations.
  4. Cooking or Baking Classes: Participating in a cooking or baking class provides an interactive and fun way to bond while learning new skills.
  5. Board Game Cafes: Playing board games can be a lighthearted and engaging way to spend time together while fostering friendly competition.
  6. Live Performances or Theater: Attending a play, musical performance, or live comedy show offers entertainment and an opportunity to share cultural experiences.
  7. Volunteer Activities: Engaging in volunteer work allows you to give back to the community while also getting to know each other better.
  8. Bookstore or Library: Browsing books and discussing literature can lead to meaningful conversations and shared interests.
  9. Outdoor Picnic: Packing a picnic and enjoying a meal in a park or scenic spot provides a relaxed and intimate setting.
  10. Fitness Classes or Sports: Participating in a fitness class, yoga session, or a friendly game of sports promotes a healthy lifestyle and shared physical activity.

Remember, the key to a successful sober date is to choose a location that aligns with both individuals’ interests and creates a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for genuine interaction.


3 Be open-minded during the date


Because engaging in a mindful and meaningful date makes it somewhat challenging to break the ice or dissolve the first-meeting jitters, it is essential to be open-minded in getting to know each other more. Besides the initial introduction, you can use conversational topics that help smoothen the situation, such as:

Asking about recent news or current events to gauge their social interests.

Inquiring about their role models or people whose lifestyles they admire.

Asking about the most impressive travel destinations they have been to, reflecting their lifestyle.

Inquiring about their preferences in music, movies, hobbies, or any easy topics where the date can respond comfortably and continue the conversation smoothly. These are the kind of questions that have no right or wrong answers, helping the conversation flow effortlessly.


Advantages of Sober Dating


1.Help create a strong foundation for a relationship


When we approach dating with mindfulness, it allows us to have clear conversations about life goals. This becomes a guiding force in supporting each other to fulfill and enrich the relationship in the future.


2.Helps to see warning signs more clearly


Dating with mindfulness allows us to see red flags in our date more clearly. It’s a crucial point that helps prevent physical or emotional harm and leads to toxic relationships.


3.Helps to elevate our thinking


Having mindfulness during dates allows us to understand the stages and progression of the relationship. Thinking more critically and causally will positively impact our perspective on building a life with our partner in the future.


4. Helps to develop communication skills between partners


Having mindfulness during dates requires us to use effective communication skills, which leads to the improvement of our social interactions and the ability to build positive relationships with others. Even if the date is successful or not, this new concept of connection can bring both advantages and disadvantages.


Limitations of Sober Dating


  1. As the conditions increase, finding a date becomes more challenging. This is because dating with conditions, such as abstaining from alcohol, narrows down the dating pool. It requires finding someone with similar interests, making the process of finding a date even more difficult on another level


  1. Controlling the surrounding situation becomes more challenging because in real life, we cannot control everything in our environment. Even if you have planned a date in a place free from alcohol, there might be situations where you and your date end up in a setting where avoiding alcohol is difficult. This can lead to feelings of discomfort and frustration due to circumstances that are beyond your control.


  1. Dating activities are limited and reduced compared to normal circumstances. Sober dating often takes place during daytime for the most part or involves avoiding date options in places such as clubs, bars, or nighttime tourist spots to steer clear of environments that encourage alcohol consumption.


However, despite these limitations, if you are determined to embrace the trend of Sober Dating, these constraints may not be significant for you. It all depends on your intention and your date’s willingness to create a mindful starting point for a strong and lasting relationship.


Here are some tips for those who want to start dating under the Sober Dating concept, without wasting time searching for someone with similar interests on their own. Bangkok Matching, a premium matchmaking service, can help you find a date that matches your criteria and preferences. It streamlines the process, allowing you to meet quality and safe profiles that align with your requirements, ensuring a high-quality and secure dating experience.







We use ChatGPT to translate to Chinese; there might be some errors.


曼谷婚配(Bangkok Matching)是一家婚配公司,揭示了在2023年全球范围内新兴而有力的约会趋势——“清醒约会”或“不喝酒的约会”。


让我们通过婚配公司曼谷婚配(Bangkok Matching)来了解2023年的约会趋势——“清醒约会”(Sober Dating)。约会趋势随着时间不断变化,就像时尚潮流一样不断演变。它完全取决于当下的社会规范以及人们在社会中所重视的事物。在2023年,最受欢迎的约会趋势之一是“清醒约会”,即个人选择在约会中不涉及饮酒。这一趋势目前在全球范围内获得了显著的流行。


因此,曼谷婚配(Bangkok Matching)希望介绍“清醒约会”趋势,并在泰国进一步推广。这是因为“清醒约会”对于成功的婚配率和长期关系产生了积极的影响,证明相较于约会中过度饮酒,清醒约会效果更好。


“清醒约会”是指在约会或进行约会时,不使用酒精或麻醉物质作为中心或支持元素。 “清醒”一词字面上意味着拥有完全清醒的意识。当与“约会”结合在一起时,意味着选择以正念或冷静的心态约会,不涉及酒精或物质。这一趋势在现代约会中越来越受欢迎,成为重要的方面。许多尝试“清醒约会”的人认为它有助于加深情感连接并促进个体之间更清晰的交流。


為什麼清醒約會在 2023 年如此受歡迎?












从高端匹配公司Bangkok Matching的约会统计数据中我们发现,泰国和外国会员都更喜欢第一次约会是非饮酒或仅少量饮酒的。绝大多数,即70%,选择晚餐约会,而30%则更倾向于午餐约会,约会中不涉及饮酒。


如果约会谈得来并且双方有共同兴趣,接下来的活动通常包括一起吃甜点、散步或一起看电影。有趣的是,在过去的两年里,Bangkok Matching没有收到任何关于会员在约会中醉酒的反馈。








  1. 婴儿潮一代(出生于1946年至1964年)是一个较老的年龄群体,来自酒精问题研究中心的研究表明,这一代人仍然更喜欢饮酒,相比其他年龄群体,他们更难广泛采用“清醒约会”趋势。




  1. Y一代或千禧一代(出生于1980年至1997年),是一个重视工作与生活平衡的群体。根据酒精研究中心的调查,与2011年相比,Y一代中新的饮酒者和饮酒者的人数减少了近20万人。


      4. Z一代(出生于1998年至2012年)是一个对饮酒兴趣逐渐减少的世代。国家统计局的调查显示,与过去10年相比,饮酒趋势下降了28%,平均每年有24535人戒酒。此外,未来的新饮酒者数量也在持续下降。这表明Sober Dating趋势最适合Y一代和Z一代的人群。







有机会观察你约会对象的行为、肢体语言和态度。为了确保顺利且高效的Sober Dating体验,Bangkok Matching建议单身人士在与潜在伴侣约会之前做好以下三个准备步骤:


1.提前告知你的约会对象,你希望进行Sober Dating体验。

尽管Sober Dating越来越受欢迎,但要记住并非每个人都了解这种趋势或持有相同的观点。因此,与你的约会对象达成相互理解,明确约会不涉及饮酒,以避免误解和意外情况。以下是一些简单的步骤:

与你的约会对象展开对话,评估他们对Sober Dating的态度。


邀请你的约会对象在Sober Dating的概念下与你一起约会。



由于现在人们更倾向于寻找适合无酒精约会的场所,而非俱乐部或酒吧,因此适合Sober Dating的地方越来越多。此外,这种类型的约会有许多好处,因为它让情侣们能够共度美好时光,进行交流对话,交换想法,并参与各种活动。这对于了解和理解彼此的个性非常有利。












3. 在进行有意义和有意识的约会时,可能会让打破僵局或缓解初次见面的紧张感有些具有挑战性,因此在更多地了解彼此时保持开放心态至关重要。除了最初的介绍,您可以使用帮助顺利进行对话的话题,例如:








  1. 帮助建立坚实的关系基础



  1. 帮助更清晰地看到警示信号






  1. 有助于发展伴侣之间的沟通技巧





  1. 随着条件的增加,寻找约会对象变得更具挑战性。这是因为带有条件的约会,比如不喝酒,会缩小约会对象的范围。这需要找到有着相似兴趣的人,使得寻找约会对象的过程在另一个层面上变得更加困难。


  1. 控制周围环境变得更具挑战性,因为在现实生活中,我们无法控制环境中的一切。即使您计划在一个无酒精的地方进行约会,可能会出现您和约会对象最终身处一个难以避免酒精的环境的情况。这可能会因为环境超出您的控制而导致不适和沮丧的感觉。






以下是为那些希望在无酒精约会的概念下开始约会的人提供的一些建议,而不是自己浪费时间寻找具有相似兴趣的人。曼谷匹配(Bangkok Matching)作为一家高端的婚介服务公司,可以帮助您找到符合您标准和偏好的约会对象。它简化了整个过程,让您能够结识与您的要求相匹配的优质和安全的人选,确保您获得高质量和安全的约会体验。