Online Dating Apps/Online Dating Websites: Genuine Love or just Deception by Bangkok Matching


dating apps in thailand

Online Dating Apps/Online Dating Websites: Genuine Love or just Deception by Bangkok Matching, the longest running High-End Dating and Matchmaking Company in Thailand.


In an era where everyone is busy and hustling, working and saving money to have a good quality of life, waking up early in the dark and coming home late in the evening, it’s not easy to find time for exercise or to find a partner or a significant other. That’s why online dating apps or dating websites are another option for people who lack time in the present. It’s easy to create a profile by simply typing in the desired details and posting various pictures according to one’s preferences. Therefore, by opening a dating app or visiting a matchmaking website, you will come across diverse and eye-catching profiles, like strolling through a supermarket, offering a variety of options to choose from.


There are numerous dating applications available in the market, and within these dating apps, there are various types of relationships to choose from. From casual dating to serious commitments, each person’s preferences may differ. Some seek a casual fling or friends with benefits (FWB), where they can be friends but also have a sexual relationship. On the other hand, there are individuals who are looking for discreet affairs, where they have limited time but still seek something outside their existing relationships. It’s important to note that in the case of discreet affairs, both parties involved are already in committed relationships and are seeking novelty in terms of sexual encounters. Lastly, there are those who are searching for a life partner, someone to settle down with and build a future together. Determining what each person is looking for and agreeing upon it is essential in these cases.


However, because of the ease of meeting people through dating apps, life becomes easier. You don’t need to know much about each other, where they come from, or whether their profiles are truthful. You just swipe and can instantly arrange a date. In fortunate cases, there can be mutually agreed-upon relationships where both individuals enjoy their time together. However, in unfortunate situations, you may encounter types of deception, such as those who deceive for personal gain or manipulate emotions to ask for money or other benefits. There are also cases where you may come across dangerous individuals or even criminals, leading to incidents that gain notoriety both in Thailand and internationally. This has sparked a wave of opposition against various dating apps, despite the fact that these applications are not free.


dating apps in thailand
dating apps in thailand


Everything in life comes with a price to pay, whether it’s a small or large amount, depending on our budget. Many apps have a scam where when we register, attractive men or women will message us immediately, making us feel valuable and charming. However, after exchanging only 4-5 sentences, they stop responding unless we pay. If we want to continue the conversation, we have to pay. To make our profile visible to others, we have to pay. If we want to see someone’s profile or like them, we have to pay. They sell it as packages ranging from 1 to 10 or even galaxy-level upgrade packages. Altogether, it can cost thousands of Baht because the costs for various upgrades add up, and we lose track of how much we’ve spent on these additional services in the dating apps, we end up spending money unintentionally. If we engage in conversations, they often just treat us as siblings or tell us that we’re not their type because in online conversations, they don’t necessarily talk to only one person. We just wanted to warn you.


Bangkok Matching, the longest running high end dating and matchmaking company, has been in the business of finding partners for over 18 years to the present day. Bangkok Matching constantly keeps track of news and developments in the online and offline dating industry, both in the current market and emerging trends, to ensure that our business align with the fast-changing world. Dating apps are also one of the aspects that Bangkok Matching consistently monitors for updates and news.


As Bangkok Matching always emphasizes, there are serious individuals looking for partners everywhere. Therefore, dating apps have their advantages, not just disadvantages. One advantage is that we have time to get to know each other and can say goodbye immediately without any pressure. There’s no need to worry because different people are just strangers we encounter in the online world. We can continue to find new people to talk to until we either give up or meet someone we truly like, or perhaps we may not meet anyone at all. As many people say, it can be a waste of time and energy in life.


Some people chat and talk with foreigners for three years but never actually meet each other. Sometimes, when they finally meet in person, it’s not the same as the conversations they had online. The appearance doesn’t match the profile picture, like meeting a completely different person. The power of filters and angles in applications can distort beauty, no matter how attractive someone may appear. There have been cases where it made headlines for causing harm to relationships because of the anger from falling in love, losing money, wasting time, and even instances where people were deceived. It’s disappointing and frustrating to the point where drastic actions may need to be taken to resolve the situation.


They are people who chatting with multiple people at the same time and meeting them when they come to Thailand, sometimes scheduling 3-4 people for a date or even going on dates with 3-4 different people in a day. The problem is, we have no idea where we stand in their queue. They might meet someone they like, and then they disappear or maybe give an explanation, but let’s believe that happens rarely because they fear being known as someone who talks to multiple people. Or they may feel guilty towards their date, leading them to choose silence and disappearing instead of saying that we are not the one they choose. In the end, it’s a waste of both our emotions and time.


And the scariest part is the scammers. Don’t think that just because we pay, we can escape from scammers. They are called thieves for a reason, and they constantly evolve. If you want to find someone wealthy, the only way is to approach rich people. That means upgrading yourself through payment systems. These scammers will keep changing their deceptive tactics continuously. Don’t think that they will use pictures of old military officers or Westerners who look sophisticated and wealthy. No, in this era, scammers on dating apps use pictures of Asians who look decent and have a relaxed, easygoing and down to earth identity, or they use pictures of warm-looking Westerners instead of attractive, ripped guys. Nowadays, most scammers on dating apps prefer to use ordinary pictures that are more relatable than in real life because they appear more approachable.


There was a beautiful woman who was a stock trader and had tens of millions of Baht in her portfolio. This particular scammer used a regular guy’s profile picture and engaged in conversations. Surprisingly, he had knowledge about the stock market. The scammer proposed to the beautiful woman that he could help her earn more money through trading. The woman was skeptical but curious, so she decided to give it a try with an initial investment of a small 5,000 Baht. The scammer managed to manipulate the portfolio and make it appear to grow significantly. Every week, he would deposit 20,000 to 30,000 Baht into her bank account. Meanwhile, they continued their courtship and talked about future plans, such as buying a house and getting married.


From the initial investment of 5,000 Baht, the beautiful woman started seeing consistent profits every week. She began to believe in her partner’s trading skills and hoped to build a future with him. They talked about trading and building their financial status together. Eventually, the man proposed to become her portfolio manager to further increase her earnings. In the end, the scammer disappeared with her 5 million Baht. The woman lost not only her money but also her trust in men. The financial loss was so devastating that she ended up in the hospital due to severe emotional distress. She managed to withdraw a small portion of the profits the man had made, equivalent to one small Chanel bag only, and left the rest it in the portfolio for further growth. Ultimately, there was nothing left for her.


There are many other cases where people suffer losses, even to the extent of their lives. They encounter scammers, mental illnesses, sexually transmitted diseases, and various other unexpected and unimaginable circumstances. Nowadays, it is even more challenging to predict or know what might happen, as anything can occur without us having any way of knowing.


Bangkok Matching is a matchmaking company, not a dating app. We aim to help people find potential partners through our personalized matchmaking services. However, when it comes to online platforms, it’s important to be cautious because we don’t always know who we’re interacting with. It’s difficult to determine the authenticity of someone’s claims or their true nature, including their family and social background, solely based on what they say online. It’s always wise to exercise caution and be aware of the potential risks when engaging with others in the online world.


Therefore, when it comes to choosing a partner through online dating websites/dating apps, we must use our judgment wisely. We shouldn’t simply rely on someone’s good looks, photos taken with luxurious sports cars, or extravagant celebrity-like appearances. All of these things can be easily fabricated. We don’t even know if the person truly owns the car or if they just rented it for the photo. What we thought could be a divine encounter might end up being a near-fatal deception, just like in a dramatic love story that has recently concluded.


In the realm of reality, people can still deceive each other. There are individuals who have a partner sleeping beside them but still claim to be single on social media. This is the reality of the digital age. Bangkok Matching, the longest running high end dating and matchmaking company in Thailand, would like to sell you something. If you choose to use the matchmaking service provided by Bangkok Matching, we guarantee that every customer here has a genuine identity and their educational background, occupation, income, appearance, and age are all accurately portrayed. Bangkok Matching verifies documents in every aspect of its members. Furthermore, members can specify their desired criteria to the matchmaking team, so you don’t have to rely on astrology to determine if the person you’re talking to is genuinely compatible or if their social status is as impressive as they claim. Bangkok Matching strives to provide comprehensive coverage in almost every aspect, truly.


The fact that we, as humans, have to spend money on every single Baht means we hope for ordinary results. We work hard to have the privilege of pampering ourselves with good things, improving the quality of our lives, having good food for our health, and wearing beautiful clothes to boost our confidence. We are willing to pay for fillers, Botox, no matter how expensive they may be. But why do we forget to ask ourselves the following question:


“Why is it that we can’t afford to pay for a good life partner?”


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Author: Bee – Kulchulee Subsinudom/
The Well Known Matchmaker/Dating Coach at Bangkok Matching in Thailand



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