Check the signals of Dating Burnout! Along with some great dating tips, start your new “relationship” on a healthy note with Bangkok Matching, the exclusive high-end matchmaking company.


Dating Burnout บริษัทจัดหาคู่

Check the signals of Dating Burnout! Along with some great dating tips, start your new “relationship” on a healthy note with Bangkok Matching, the exclusive high-end matchmaking company.

What is Dating Burnout?


Bangkok Matching, an exclusive high end matchmaking company, believes that nowadays we’ve likely heard of the concept of burnout in various work-related situations. But did you know that in the dating world, there’s also something called ‘Dating Burnout’? Dating Burnout refers to a state of exhaustion from continuous dating efforts. Just like work-related burnout, this feeling mostly stems from psychological and emotional aspects. It arises from repeatedly engaging in the dating process without achieving much success. It’s comparable to athletes who invest both physical and mental energy into competitions repeatedly, yet often fall short of achieving victory.


Repetitive dating not only leads to boredom but also demands emotional investment in terms of expectations, enthusiasm, and effort, including both appearance and compatibility-seeking efforts. Yet, the inability to find someone who aligns with these expectations can contribute to emotional exhaustion in the dating process. This emotional fatigue from dating stems from continually meeting new people and not being able to find the right match. Furthermore, the latest survey from Single Reports revealed that 4 out of 5 working adults have experienced emotional fatigue or dating burnout, accounting for 78.37%. This is a negative factor that affects mental well-being.


In what ways can the symptoms of burnout from dating appear?


Dating burnout can manifest as a form of dwindling motivation for consecutive dates, leading to genuine feelings of disappointment and emotional detachment or disillusionment. It becomes tiresome to initiate conversations and greetings with strangers, only to quickly move on, creating an unending loop. This cycle, in fact, occurs when we encounter disappointments in life. However, what’s crucial is that single individuals must be aware and adept at handling these negative emotions promptly, in order to preserve their mental and emotional well-being, preventing any further negative consequences.


Moreover, the poll results conducted by Bangkok Matching have previously investigated the opinions of both men and women regarding the reasons why they haven’t achieved success in their dating experiences. The majority of men responded that it’s because they rarely encounter new people. On the other hand, a significant number of women answered that it’s because they have high standards and are selective. These two reasons are regarded as two interesting factors!”


Because people nowadays are more attentive to selecting their dating partners. It’s not just about anyone or choosing solely based on compatibility. In the subsequent poll on the topic, the behavior that the majority of men would not pursue further in women, with the highest number of responses, is laziness, unemployment, and the unwillingness of women themselves to continue if they encounter clingy men!


At this point, everyone can see that they are ominous or not. Are these reasons our habits or traits that prevent us from being successful in dating?


5  Signs You’re Suffering a Dating Burnout


For those who are unsure whether they are experiencing the aforementioned state of burnout or not, you can check yourself to see if you currently have thoughts or behaviors as follows, more than half of the time or completing each item. If you have more than half or complete all the items, it indicates that you are already experiencing Dating Burnout!


  1. Lack of enthusiasm for dating

If you feel indifferent or lack motivation to continue dating, even if you have a lineup of potential matches that meet your preferences, this could be a sign of burnout. You might not feel excited about meeting new people or going on dates anymore. It might seem like dating has become a mundane chore that you have to do rather than something enjoyable.


  1. Viewing dating as a repetitive chore

Repeated dating can lead to emotional exhaustion as you invest continuous time and energy in getting to know new people. When things don’t work out, you find yourself searching for a new date, reintroducing yourself, retelling your stories, and going on dates all over again, with no end in sight. This can make you feel drained and burnt out. If you ever feel this way, it’s a clear indicator that you need to take a break and spend some time focusing on yourself.


  1. Negative Imaginations about Dating

If you find yourself consistently having negative thoughts about dating, such as believing that ‘all men/women are the same’ or ‘I’ll never find the right person,’ it might be a sign of burnout. Your past experiences can shape your perspective, leading to a pessimistic view of the dating world. When you start a date with negative feelings from the past, it’s challenging for that date to bring positive energy into your life again.


Dating Burnout บริษัทจัดหาคู่
Dating Burnout บริษัทจัดหาคู่


  1. Feeling Reduced Self-Esteem (Low self-esteem)

Repeated rejections or unsuccessful dating experiences can lead to a decrease in self-esteem. If you notice a significant drop in your confidence or start doubting your self-worth in the process of finding a partner, if you begin blaming yourself for being inferior, not attractive enough, not wealthy enough, not thin enough, or not likable by anyone, these are clear signs that stem from dating burnout, manifesting through diminishing your self-value.


  1. Avoiding Dating Activities or Meetings

When you feel completely drained, you might start shutting yourself off from dating activities altogether. You may want to avoid socializing, cancel matchmaking services, or quit using dating apps because you believe they are ineffective, and you don’t think you will ever meet someone again. You might decline date invitations due to your negative anticipation that it will inevitably end badly. This avoidance mechanism is another form of emotional protection against burnout. If you’ve reached this point, it’s important to spend time with yourself and reflect on your journey, or if you feel it’s necessary, consider speaking to a mental health professional.


Don’t think that burnout won’t have any impact or will have only a minor effect. This condition often sneaks into your emotional well-being without you realizing it. Try to check if you have experienced any of these symptoms after going on multiple dates without finding a suitable partner.


– Experiencing stress: It’s common for most humans that when they feel they can’t control something as they want, stress arises. This is a significant factor that contributes to making everything around you less pleasant.


– Feeling lonely and isolated: Not achieving success in dating inevitably affects your emotions. Sometimes, it can make you feel different, detached from others. Exiting this state involves understanding your feelings, realizing that other people’s romantic experiences in society don’t define your worth, just like yours don’t define theirs.


– Lacking self-confidence: Not achieving success in certain endeavors often leads to increased self-doubt. This can impact how you navigate social interactions and might cause you to miss out on significant opportunities in life simply because you don’t believe strongly enough that you can succeed.


– Strained relationships with others: Whether it’s colleagues, close friends, or even family members, the state of burnout can lead to tension. Feeling exhausted and disinterested might make you reluctant to engage in conversations and can transmit negative energy to those around you. This could unexpectedly harm your social circle.


Good technique, get ready to start a new relationship to be healthier than before!


Though seeking happiness through dating again after experiencing burnout might sound challenging, it is achievable. Shifting your attitude and perspective towards yourself and dating can make a difference. Bangkok Matching, a matchmaking company, has some useful tips to share:


  1. Let go of unrealistic expectations and excessively high standards

Many singles who struggle with unsuccessful dating might attribute it to the term ‘not meeting the criteria’. This abbreviation encapsulates the idea that our standards and perceptions of choosing a partner might be excessively high. Even though there’s a saying that ‘we shouldn’t lower our standards to find a partner’, the truth is that aiming for a perfect 100% match can be difficult. Especially when these criteria become extremely specific, like wanting a young, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, unmarried, childless, Buddhist, over 185cm tall, business-savvy gentleman who dresses exclusively in branded clothes, speaks fluent Thai, and is willing to relocate to Thailand.


This kind of perfectionism makes finding a partner who perfectly matches the criteria even more difficult. You might have certain standards in mind, but some aspects may need to be left to the heart’s feeling. Therefore, seeking a balance between feasibility and personal satisfaction is crucial in helping dating become a joyful endeavor. It’s hopeful that this approach will bring you more happiness than disappointment.


  1. View Disappointment as an Opportunity

Even in unfortunate situations, there is always something positive hidden within. It’s about where you choose to focus. When we experience disappointment, it’s natural to see everything around us in a negative light. However, we encourage you to consider if there’s something new in this dating experience for you. Perhaps, in this date, there are novel elements for you. Your past dates might have led you to explore new places, exchange thoughts with someone, gain fresh knowledge, and look at the world from perspectives you hadn’t considered before.


Even though things may not conclude positively in the end, the new perspectives and ways of looking at the world can still become integral parts of your life, helping you progress and face better relationships than before. Therefore, Bangkok Matching wants to encourage all singles to find the motivation to continue dating, rather than being stuck in gloom or weariness when meeting new people.


  1. Try New Dating Approaches

Many people miss out because of repetitive dating methods that lead to the same old results. The world has so much more for you to explore and experiment with, if you dare to step away from traditional dating methods. Try dating in different formats. Switch from dinner dates to coffee meetups or engaging in fun outdoor activities. Collaborate on a project, learn something new together, or engage in community service – these activities can enhance your relationship‘s value to society. Even if they don’t lead to long-term relationships, they can open up new and enjoyable experiences that might surpass your previous dating endeavors.


  1. Give Yourself Some Time

If dating is likened to chasing expectations and facing repeated disappointments, it’s crucial to grant yourself some time for emotional recovery. Sometimes, striving to find the perfect date, the best person, can agitate our minds and cause us to overlook what truly matters. Taking time for yourself, acknowledging your feelings, and understanding yourself before starting anew is essential. Reflect on what kind of person you don’t want based on your past experiences, and then move forward with clarity on what kind of person you do want. You have the power to define that.


  1. Celebrate Small Victories for Yourself

“The one who finds joy in small things often experiences great happiness.” This statement holds true. In dating, you don’t have to wait for grand successes or the perfect match to celebrate. Instead, celebrating small, modest achievements can be just as fulfilling. Treat yourself to a special drink as a reward for making positive changes in your behavior or attitude. Alternatively, indulge in a special meal to commemorate a new lesson learned in a relationship. These celebrations can help alleviate the pressure of dating and provide a significant boost to your morale. Plus, they contribute to nurturing a positive mindset.


So, Bangkok Matching, a matchmaking company, wants everyone to perceive dating as a journey. In reality, experiences along the journey, much like in dating, are diverse and can give more meaning to our destination. Instead of pressuring ourselves to achieve a certain outcome in dating, we should treat it like a journey. Focusing too much on expecting success, envisioning our date to meet specific standards, or thinking that this date must surpass previous ones can push us into a state of heightened anxiety and exhaustion in dating. This isn’t conducive to our physical health, emotional well-being, or mental state.


because no matter who Everyone wants a date with complete sanity?


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检查约会疲劳的迹象!通过一些优秀的建议,在曼谷匹配(Bangkok Matching)这家高端婚介公司的帮助下,以健康的态度开始您的新恋情。




曼谷匹配(Bangkok Matching),一家婚介公司,认为在当今时代,我们可能已经听说过在各种与工作相关的情境中出现的疲劳概念。但您是否知道,在约会世界中也存在一种被称为“约会疲劳”的现象?约会疲劳指的是对持续的约会努力感到筋疲力尽的状态。就像工作相关的疲劳一样,这种感觉主要源于心理和情感方面。它是由于反复参与约会过程却没有取得多大成功而产生的。这与运动员在竞技中反复投入了体力和精力,但往往未能取得胜利相似。








此外,由高端婚介公司曼谷配对(Bangkok Matching)进行的民意调查结果曾经调查过男性和女性在约会经历中未能取得成功的原因。大多数男性回应称,这是因为他们很少遇到新人。另一方面,相当数量的女性回答称,这是因为她们有很高的标准并且选择性强。这两个原因被认为是两个有趣的因素!






5 跡象表明你正遭受約會倦怠








  1. 对约会持负面想法



  1. 自尊心降低(自尊心低)












– 感到孤独和孤立:在约会中不取得成功必然会影响你的情绪。有时候,这会让你感觉与众不同,与他人疏离。走出这种状态涉及理解你的情感,认识到社会中其他人的浪漫经历并不能定义你的价值,就像你的经历不能定义他们的一样。


– 缺乏自信:在某些事情上未能取得成功往往会导致更多的自我怀疑。这可能会影响你如何进行社交互动,并可能使你错过了生活中的重要机会,只是因为你不足够坚信自己可以成功。


– 与他人关系紧张:无论是同事、亲近的朋友还是家人,疲劳的状态都可能导致紧张关系。感到筋疲力尽和兴趣减退可能会使你不愿参与交谈,并且可能会向周围人传递负面能量。这可能会意外地损害你的社交圈子。




儘管在經歷倦怠後再次約會來尋求幸福聽起來很有挑戰性,但這是可以實現的。改變你對自己和約會的態度和觀點會產生影響。曼谷配對公司(Bangkok Matching)有一些有用的技巧可以分享:


  1. 放下不切实际的期望和过高的标准





  1. 将失望视为机会





  1. 尝试新的约会方式

许多人由于重复的约会方法导致了相同的结果。世界有很多更多的事情等待您去探索和尝试,只要您敢于远离传统的约会方法。尝试不同的约会方式。从晚餐约会切换到咖啡聚会或参加有趣的户外活动。一起合作一个项目,一起学习新的东西,或者参与社区服务 – 这些活动可以增加您与社会的关系价值。即使它们不能导致长期的关系,它们也可以开启新的愉快体验,可能会超越您以前的约会努力。


  1. 给自己一些时间










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