Thailand Dating Tips – Cosmetic Surgery – Breast Implant or Natural Boobs What Thai Men and Foreign Men Prefer


หนุ่มโสดไทย ต่างชาติโปรไฟล์ดีหาคู่ กับประเด็นศัลยกรรมของหญิงไทย

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What Successful, Well-Educated Thai Men, Foreign, and Expat Men Prefer


Bangkok Matching, the premium dating service agency, has been in the matchmaking -dating service business for Successful, Well-Educated professional singles with good profile, which are the top 1% of the population in a population pyramid according to income base, in Thailand for more than 16 years. We have been listening to a large number of well-educated, successful single men – Thai, Expat, Foreigners, Asian, Westerner, and European – regarding to their ideal matches, the lady of their dream when looking for partners. (As to this surgery and dating topic, Bangkok Matching will only talk about well-educated, successful single men, thus we will not include opinion of other male groups. 


Bangkok Matching is aware that more and more Thai women are getting cosmetic/plastic surgery to improve their appearance according to their preference and to boost their confidence. However, you may have decided to go for some surgeries because you thought men would love that. Some of these surgeries may even turn your life in a way that does not make any dating better at all.


As the longest running Premium Thai Dating Service – Matchmaking Service Agency in Thailand, Bangkok Matching has been listening to many successful, well-educated, financially secured single men for over 16 years, we then would like to share the information that you should be aware of before making a decision to get any surgery if you want to be sure before doing it. Hopefully, this article will help you make a clearer decision.


Before writing this article, we, Bangkok Matching, have googled it to see if anyone around the world has ever provided this kind of information. It was found that about 80% of the information regarding what men think about cosmetic surgery for breasts, what breast sizes and shapes they prefer come from various surgery clinics, articles from women’s magazines and a few researches, followed by posts on various internet forums or web boards asking for opinions from women and men about what type of breasts men like and whether they like breasts done with surgery. It is often found that not many people participate in answering these questions.

หนุ่มโสดไทย ต่างชาติโปรไฟล์ดีหาคู่ กับประเด็นศัลยกรรมของหญิงไทย
หนุ่มโสดไทย ต่างชาติโปรไฟล์ดีหาคู่ กับประเด็นศัลยกรรมของหญิงไทย


Therefore, as the longest running Premium Thai Dating Service – Matchmaking Service Agency in Thailand, Bangkok Matching thinks that the following information we are providing would be another source of information for women to consider.


First of all, we will talk about types of women that single men with good profile, including Thais, Non-Thais, Asians and Westerners prefer. As for most of these single men, their types of women according to physical appearance tend to be slender, fit women with hourglass body shape, have breasts and the ones who like to exercise.


Do you know why women have to like exercising? This is because men like women who are fit and firm. Therefore, men choose the woman who likes to exercise as it proves that this woman is likely to maintain and keep her physical appearance the way they like longer than a woman who does not like to exercise. 


Men like fit women with a good figure.


As for a woman’s face, almost 100% of single men like a good-looking woman. If they can choose, all of them will choose good looking women.


Now, let’s see what do most single men with good profile looking for dating think about cosmetic/plastic surgery for single women who have had this surgery?


Single men including Thais, Expat, Asians, European and Westerners are okay with women getting surgeries such as double eyelid surgery and a nose job because this kind of minor surgery, as long as it looks natural, it becomes normal and common in Thai society and world society. Men understand and accept this well.


As for other surgeries that were once popular and women like to get done such as thin lips or dimples, since Bangkok Matching started our business, there has never been any single man who ask for such specification.


Another surgery that is very popular among single women until today is to make their breasts bigger. However, most of single men with good profile including Thais, Non-Thais, Asians and Westerners do not like it and many of them will avoid not to date a woman who has got cosmetic surgery for her breasts.


If men can choose, they prefer women with large breasts but is naturally large, not gigantic, followed by medium-sized and small-sized breasts. However, men like firm breasts across all sizes.


Breasts are an important issue in the world. There are even researches on breast sizes and shapes that men prefer. According to the research on what the ideal breast size that men prefer conducted by Viren Swami and Martin Tovée, It was found that the majority of men preferred medium-sized breasts, followed by large-sized and small-sized breasts.


หาคู่ กับขนาดหน้าอก ศัลยกรรมหน้าอกในไทย
หาคู่ กับขนาดหน้าอก ศัลยกรรมหน้าอกในไทย


Scientists at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, did research and found that men prefer shapely and firm breasts rather than big and saggy breasts or small breasts.




A majority of single men including Thais, Non-Thais, Expat, Asians, Europeans and Westerners do not like women who have got cosmetic surgery for their breasts at all. Hence, if you are thinking whether to do it or not, Bangkok Matching would like to say ‘Don’t do it’. However, you should do breast-firming exercises instead as the right exercises will make your breasts bigger and firmer, which will be more sustainable.


Nonetheless, if you really want to have bigger breasts, then try to find a good doctor who makes them look as natural as possible. Touching them must also provide natural feeling and incision or surgical wound should be hidden so that it cannot be seen as well because many men secretly observe this point when you are in swimsuits or sleeveless tops. This is because most of them do not like breasts done with surgery, so they tend to secretly observe the woman they like whether she has done it or not.


When observing women who have got cosmetic surgery for breasts, most men (including women) will see from the fact that this group of people likely dress up and also take photos to show off their breasts. Therefore, if you have your breasts already done so and do not want people to know about it, just do not dress up and take photos to show off your breasts excessively. 






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